Europa Nightmare

Dark Curtain Saga

Europa Nightmare

Europa Nightmare

Dark Curtain Saga

Novel by Wayne Faust & Charles Eugene Anderson

$4.99 available in bundles


390 million miles from Earth, their lives became a living terror. 

In the farthest reach of mankind’s space colonization, near Jupiter’s moons, the crew of the frigate Simpson is in a fight for their lives. A veteran captain must find a way to survive against the horror of a long-lost freighter infested with an alien vanguard force, invading Earth’s solar system.

Europa Nightmare is the first book in Wayne Faust and Charles Eugene Anderson’s new Dark Curtain Saga, a brand new, military sci-fi horror space-opera. Because you like fast-paced, captivating, richly populated - horror story, then you will love this novel.

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Wayne Faust has been a full-time comedy and music performer for over 40 years, performing in 40 states and overseas in England, Holland, Scotland, and Mexico. His music is heard all over the world. While on the road performing, he writes fiction, mostly character-driven, speculative tales. 

He published a fast-moving and entertaining memoir called “Thirty Years Without A Real Job,” which is available on his website, along with a book called “12 Parables,” a collection of Christian fiction, available at Healthy Life Press ( 

And if that isn’t enough creativity for one guy, he also owns and manages Picklehead Music, an online store devoted mostly to funny music. (

You can find everything you’d ever want to know about Wayne Faust on his website at

Charles Eugene ‘Chuck’ Anderson is a poet, painter, baker, runner, hospital volunteer, and writer who lives in Colorado. He spends most of his days with his pup, Champ. Chuck is a husband and father, and he has a weakness for muscle cars. Chuck’s stories can be found at