Escape (The Peena Colada Song)

Escape (The Peena Colada Song)

Escape (The Peena Colada Song)

Short Story by Mark Leslie

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The loss of a child is particularly difficult during the holiday season. But Kyle Hendrickson, in the midst of his overwhelming grief, finds something small to cling to: his daughter’s favorite little stuffed unicorn, Peena.

Could the memories of his precious child and her beloved inanimate friend be enough for Kyle to properly plan his escape back to the magical love shared between a father and daughter?


Mark Leslie is a writer of “Twilight Zone” style eerie and strange fiction, horror, thrillers as well as non-fiction paranormal explorations.

His fiction books include ONE HAND SCREAMING, EVASION and A CANADIAN WEREWOLF IN NEW YORK, and his non-fiction titles, which are explorations of ghostly and eerie tales include HAUNTED HAMILTON, SPOOKY SUDBURY, TOMES OF TERROR, CREEPY CAPITAL and HAUNTED HOSPITALS.

Mark lives in Hamilton, Ontario, where, when he is not coming up with alliterative titles for his non-fiction, he can be found cowering under the sheets, hiding from the monster under his bed.