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It’s the reality show with the ultimate prize.

The White House.

A reality show contestant running for President? Since we have politicians showing up on Dancing with the Stars, why not reverse the process? Sounds far-fetched, but when you have a biased network that will pull out all the stops and a nation obsessed with celebrity, (see: Trump, Donald) anything’s possible. Add a dash of Watergate style dirty tricks, a contestant with a very powerful agenda of her own, and you’ve got a candidate that Joe and Mabel Sixpack can’t wait to elect. Vote early, vote often, and pass the beer nuts.

Network President Logan Vicks creates The Negotiator under the guise of reality television… but her secret intent is to groom the perfect celebrity candidate she can control once in the White House. What she doesn’t know is that her It Girl contestant Cassandra Jack has connections to a shadow government… along with a plan of her own to win the Presidency and vote Ms. Vicks off the island.

ENDGAME is the story of bias and politics going over the top in an effort to capitalize on America’s obsession with reality television and celebrity.


The author spent more than a decade as a television news reporter and anchor. His work has taken him from the floors of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions to Ground Zero in New York to Jay Leno’s backyard. His stories have been seen on NBC, ABC and CNN, and he’s been honored for his work by AP and UPI. He is also the co-author of a non-fiction book on the television industry. He is a HarperCollins author writing romantic comedies & young adult novels as Nic Tatano, and also writes young adult dystopian novels as A.J. Monroe along with political thrillers as Nick Harlow.