Demon Days

Love, sex, death, and dark humor. This book has it all. Plus robots.

Demon Days

Demon Days

Love, sex, death, and dark humor. This book has it all. Plus robots.

Novel by Carl S. Plumer

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A light, fun hearted read, well written. I especially enjoyed the "annotations" in the book! When you click on them they either provide more detail, or sometimes simply provide an extra laugh. They keyword to describe the reading experience here is FUN.

L. Columbus, TOP 500 REVIEWER,


What could be better than a party out with your friends in New York City? In the year 2035? The future is bright. In fact, the future is already here!

A future, unfortunately, filled with kidnappings and killings, described herein with dark humor and satire. Demon humor. Demon satire.


How did we get here?

I mean, we have robots that float about hither and thither to protect us. Robot doctors. Even robots inside us now. (Did I mention it’s the year far in the future, 2035!!?!)

Love is still alive. In fact, Zach loves Mallory and Mallory loves Zach.

But Zach — who should be a demon hunter — is in a coma. Mallory’s disappeared, presumed dead. Timothy James has been captured (his friends call him Timmy Jimmy). Patty Patty is in serious danger and gosh darn it all, she’s just a kid. She shouldn’t be part of this demon murder satire!

And then there’s Helena, and Dani Pistachio. And the rest of the wacky gang in this dark humor satire.

All being cut down in their prime. By beasts without feeling, without souls.

It’s the end of the world as we (haven’t yet) known it.

Love, sex, death. This book has it all. Plus robots.


CARL S. PLUMER was born in so-called New York City, holds advanced degrees in writing (and he’s not intending on letting go), and has spent his life surrounded by words (mostly on his tee shirts). He’s delivered some of the first known newspapers, worked on the original printing press, managed the first bookstore established in America, taught writing back when it was known as “runes,” wrote for literary magazines back when they were dreadful, and has always considered himself a writer (although many have strenuously disagreed). He is an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (based on weight) Quarterfinalist and a National Indie Excellence Award (based on bribes) Finalist.