A Deal with the Devil's Broker

A Deal with the Devil's Broker

A Deal with the Devil's Broker

Novella by Steve Ruskin

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Noemi Ochana is a rookie cargo lifter on the interplanetary freighter Devil’s Broker, where she drives her mech in the cargo bay, stacking crates of processed ore. It’s her first job off of the orbital station where she grew up, and she practically had to sell her soul to get it. Until she fulfills the terms of her contract, she’s essentially company property.

With the cards already stacked against her, Noemi soon learns that not everyone on the Broker wants her to succeed. And when she discovers an onboard conspiracy, Noemi must risk everything to do what’s right, even if it means losing her chance at freedom.


Steve Ruskin’s stories have appeared in Mad Scientist JournalSteampunk TrailsAntipodeanSF, and the anthologies Temporally Out of OrderThe Martian Anthology, and Avast, Ye Airships!

He is an historian of science and technology, focusing on the Victorian period. He has been a university professor, a mountain bike guide, and a number of things in between.

In addition to fiction, he has written over fifty non-fiction articles and reviews for publications ranging from the American Journal of Physics to the Rocky Mountain News.

He lives in Colorado.