Cultivating Love

Cultivating Love

Cultivating Love

Short Story by Thea Hutcheson

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Trisha met Michael. He was hot, sweet, and everything she thought she wanted. Then he left. She wanted him back. But when she got him back through a love spell, she realized he wasn’t what she wanted. But now he won’t leave. What’s a girl to do? Sometimes relationships should die.  Sometimes boyfriends should go—and stay away. And sometimes a sharp ax makes a better best friend than any diamond.


Lois Tilton of _Locus Magazine_ said Thea Hutcheson’s work “is sensual, fertile, with seed quickening on every page. Well done…” Her work has appeared in such places as _Hot Blood XI, Fatal Attractions_, where her story, “Not a Meat Puppet, a Magic Puppet”, garnered an Honorable Mention in _The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: 17th Annual Collection_; _Baen’s Universe Issue 4, Vol. 1_, also reprinted in _The Best of Jim Baen’s Universe_; the Beauty and the Beast Issue of _The Enchanted Conversation_; _Realms of Fantasy’s_ 100th issue; and in _Fiction River’s Recycled Pulp_ anthology, where she wrote an epic fantasy novel in less than six thousand words. She has upcoming stories in _Fiction River’s Haunted_ anthology and _Pulse Pounders 3_. She has the distinction of winning _Apex Magazine_’s 2013 Merry Christmas Flash Fiction Contest.