The Crone Who Leaned On a Sword Cane

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The Crone Who Leaned On a Sword Cane

The Crone Who Leaned On a Sword Cane

Crone World

Novella by Kate Pavelle

$3.99 available in bundle


Though readers might already be familiar with Kate Pavelle's writing, this shorter piece is a departure from the boys we have come to know and love in her M/m novels.
The Crone Whole Leaned on a Sword Cane gives readers a glimpse at the life of a woman who refuses to bow to modern society's expectations of the elderly with all the cunning that defines the archetype of the Crone in folktale.
Beth Carmichael is a delightful character, so richly drawn by the author as to coax the reader into reevaluating their standpoint of those men and women who inhabit a strata of society deemed 'too old' to be of value. In this story, Beth uses society's expectations of her age to get her way, but in a manner meant to better the lives of those whose come in close contact with her.
A discerning reader will come away from this story with a deeper appreciation for their elders, and hopefully realize that the older men and women who are so easily dismissed by those around them offer rich and varied experiences to younger generations, like a sharp blade hidden in the plain wrappings of an ordinary-seeming cane.

Kate Pavelle has a natural talent for storytelling, and The Crone Who Leaned on a Cane is only one small example of what this author has to offer.

Raichael, Amazon June 7, 2016


Harmless. Gray long hair, silver sneakers. Beth Carmichael’s name raises both eyebrows and respect in the right circles. Only a select few know that grandma Beth, a legendary martial arts sensei in karate, aikido, jujitsu, and krav maga, pounds Manhattan pavement while leaning on a sword cane. To the inexperienced eye of homeless Josh, she’s an easy target for a quick hustle.

Watch Beth ply her magic as Josh finds the error of his ways.


Under another name, Kate Pavelle is an award-winning writer and an Amazon best-seller. She writes paranormal, romance, LGBT fiction, and spy suspense. Her novel “Swordfall” had made the USA TODAY’s “must-read romance of 2015” list. Kate enjoys researching her topics in person, even though she is somewhat… injury-prone.