Credo's Fire

Alex Wolfe Mysteries Book Three

Credo's Fire

Credo's Fire

Alex Wolfe Mysteries Book Three

Novel by Alison Naomi Holt

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A suspicious fire at a racing stable, a body buried inside. Coincidence or is there a connection? These are the first mysteries that Tucson police detective Alex Wolfe and her fellow officers must untangle, and their day is just beginning. This is the third novel in the Alex Wolfe mystery series by author Alison Naomi Holt. Alex is a seasoned detective, at once intelligent, brash, instinctual, quick-tempered, and very loyal. Alex has matured as a person and a detective over the course of this series. Where once she was a loose cannon, allowing her temper to get in the way of her better judgment, now that temper is controlled and channeled. And that control will be vital if she is to survive. Survive what, you ask? That would be telling!

Alison Naomi Holt brings a wealth of experience as a former office of the Tucson Police Department. That experience is welcome and telling in her descriptions of the department, their procedures, and the day-to-day lives of the women and men of the department, as well as those of the people they encounter. The mysteries are complex and the action is taut. I highly recommend this novel!

Larry Kriv - Amazon Review


I reread the first two books before reading this one and enjoyed both of them as much as the first time. I am in love with Alex and Casey. I can't seem to get enough of Alex's antics and her insight. I really like the concept of the "gnome" that sits on her shoulder. The characters all play off each other so well that I can't get enough of them.
Please keep adding to Alex's adventures for those of us who are already hooked. For those of you who haven't yet read this book or any in the Alex Wolf series, pick them up and give them a try. You won't be sorry.

nrthwdswmn on Amazon


I have read many many ebooks and seldom write reviews but I really felt like leaving one for this book. I have read all three of the credo books and have enjoyed each and every one of them. I could not put them down and truly hope the author writes a number 4. I will definetly buy it as soon as it comes out. If your reading this do yourself a favor and buy all three of these books. You want be sorry.

Renee on Amazon


This is the third in the series written by Ms. Holt. Alex Wolfe and her fellow officers (Det. Sgt Brannigan, Casey, Ruthann, etc). get caught up a case of rape and the rapist is Marcos' new boyfriend, Jason. What's worse is Jason is Capt Beulow's son and Alex and him have never got along.

Then there is the Lt. who is always dogging Alex about being worthless.

Megan make an appearance and Gia has major family problems.

All the subplots come together in the end.

B.J. Brown on Amazon


Alexandra Wolfe has been trying to stay out of trouble. Honest! But with budget cuts being what they are, Alex and Casey find themselves putting on a uniform twice a month to help out the officers on the street.

The ladies are right in the middle of rescuing an errant emu when their sergeant, Kate Brannigan tells them to meet her at the Rillito Race Track. There’s been a fire in one of the barns and a body has been discovered buried in a shallow grave.

The tricky part comes when Alex discovers that the barn belongs to her Mafiosa friend, Gianina Angelino. Tightrope walking is one of Alex’s specialties and when she begins digging deeper into the cause of the fire and Gia’s activities, well, let’s just say her balancing act is about to be tested to the limit.


“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.” – J. K. Rowling

Alison, who grew up listening to her parents reading her the most wonderful books full of adventure, heroes, and puppy dogs, promotes reading wherever she goes and believes literacy is the key to changing the world for the better.

In her writing, she follows Heinlein’s Rules, the first rule being You Must Write. To that end, she writes in several genres simply because she enjoys the great variety of characters and settings her over-active fantasy life creates.

She loves when a character looks over her shoulder, crooks a finger for her to follow and heads off on an adventure. From medieval castles to a horse farm in Virginia to the police beat in Tucson, Arizona, her characters live exciting lives and she’s happy enough to follow them around and report on what she sees.

She has published seven fiction novels and one screenplay. Her first novel, The Door at the Top of the Stairs, is a psychological suspense, which she’s also adapted as a screenplay. The Screenplay advanced to the Second Round of the Austin Film Festival Screenplay & Teleplay Competition, making it to the top 15% of the 6,764 entries. The screenplay also made the quarter finalist list in the Cynosure Screenwriting awards.

Alison has also written three books in the Alex Wolfe Mystery Series, Credo’s Hope (which reached #6 in Amazon’s ranking for murder mysteries), Credo’s Legacy and Credo’s Fire.

She has published three novels in the fantasy fiction genre, The Spirit Child and Duchess Rampant, which are books one and two in the Seven Realms of Ar’rothi series, and The Mage of Merigor.

Alison’s previous life as a cop gave her a bizarre sense of humor, a realistic look at life, and an insatiable desire to live life to the fullest. She loves all horses & hounds and some humans…

To find out more, go to her website at