Coyote Cowgirl

Coyote Cowgirl

Coyote Cowgirl

Novel by Kim Antieau

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Coyote Cowgirl is one of my favorite books. . . . I envy those of you who will be reading it for the first time.

Charles de Lint


Jeanne Les Flambeaux is the underachiever in her very accomplished restaurateur family. No one ever expected her to amount anything, so she hasn’t. When her lover, Johnny, steals the family jewels, Jeanne must find him and the jewels before her family discovers their loss. Fortunately she’s aided in her task by Crane, a talking crystal skull who only speaks to her. Together they embark on a wild and wacky journey across the Great American Southwest. To complicate matters, single women are mysteriously disappearing throughout the Southwestern states. As Jeanne stalks Johnny, is she being stalked by someone or something?

Light and sexy, filled with imaginative characters and situations, and some of the hottest secret recipes from the Flambeaux recipe drawer, Coyote Cowgirl is a page turner that will leave you laughing and hungry for more.


Kim Antieau’s novels include The Jigsaw Woman, Her Frozen Wild, Whackadoodle Times, The Monster’s Daughter, Coyote Cowgirl, Ruby’s Imagine, Butch, and many others. Learn more about Kim and her work at