City of Doves

City of Doves

City of Doves

Novella by Eric Gutierrez Jr.

$2.99 available in bundle


Even to him, it looked more like a suicide. Not a single sign of foul play. 

The City of Paloma is a small city where everyone knows everyone. An innocent town where tourists overlook in favor for the big, bustling major cities down the same highway.

A few days after the Chinese New Year, a man hangs outside of the cold air in the dead of night destroying the small town peace almost overnight, most of the Paloma PD chalk it up to suicide. A lone detective, Alec Santino is on the hunt for the truth, but instead opens up a conspiracy built on corruption and family. Does he have what it takes to cross the line or will he leave this in the cold case files?


Eric Gutierrez Jr. is a Texas-born writer. He’s written stories and the graphic novel, Devil Sunrise. He now perches on a fence post and annoys his neighbors with poor rooster imitations. 

He also likes to code while sipping on a cold cup of tears and whiskey.