The Cartographer's Daughter

The Cartographer's Daughter

The Cartographer's Daughter

Novel by Karen L. Abrahamson



Cartos: Non-human. Like the rest of her kind, Lianna Reinel lives secretly amongst the humans of southern Portugal. When Lainna falls in love in with a human, it sets in motion a series of events that threaten to expose her kind’s existence and could lead to their extermination. Now Lianna must choose: rescue her love from the ends of the earth, or preserve everything else she holds dear.

Karen L. Abrahamson once again delivers a knock-out book of the wondrous Cartos magick. A fantastic story of love and the magic that holds the world together. Readers will love The Cartographer’s Daughter’s colorful cast of historical characters, its vivid account of historical events and its unusual magic.


Author of the well-regarded Cartographer Series, Karen L. Abrahamson writes fantasy, romance and mystery. Her latest short fiction can be found in the anthology ‘Playground of Lost Toys’. When she isn’t writing she can be found with a camera and backpack in fabulous locations around the world.