Burning Up

Burning Up

Burning Up

Novella by Michele Lang

$2.99 available in bundles


Marcy, a young Boston mage, works in a spellworkers’ boiler room on the wrong side of town. Magical malware in her brain threatens both her friends and her livelihood.

Meanwhile, Marcy’s boss, a wolf shifter up against the full moon, grapples with secret demons of his own… 

And a malevolent, relentless evil threatens to destroy them both.

On the midnight streets of Boston, Marcy fights fire with fire — but if she doesn’t win she won’t make it until morning.

A story in the collection Bewitching Love, of the Uncollected Anthology.


Michele Lang writes fantasy, science fiction, crime, and romance, as well as non-fiction. Her Lady Lazarus WWII historical fantasy series was published by Tor Books, and her short fiction has been published by DAW, PM Press, and WMG Press, among others. Michele is a recovering lawyer who has practiced the unholy craft of litigation in both New York and Connecticut. She returned to her native New York shortly before 9/11, and now lives in a small town on the North Shore of Long Island with her husband, her sons, and a rotating menagerie of cats, hermit crabs, and butterflies.