The Bureau of Substandards Annual Report

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The Bureau of Substandards Annual Report

The Bureau of Substandards Annual Report

Short Story Collection by Sabrina Chase

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Hidden behind protective layers of government red tape, the Bureau of Substandards fights the good fight against interdimensional snake people, “helpful” allies, busybodies from Atlantis, the annual budget report, and, most dangerous of all…the HR department.

The Inspection — Submarine captain Commander Morton desperately needs to hide Things Government Was Not Meant To Know—with the help of a few unusual friends.

The Correct Way to Fill Out Form PCR-103-u — When evil insinuates a multidimensional soda machine into the secure confines of the Bureau, only one thing can save the world…more paperwork!

Read This Memo— Even the most capable bureaucracy fears the sheer chaos unleashed by the Company Party

Where the Money Went — A stuck filing cabinet, a missing budget, a deadline…and a tuna sandwich on the attack!

All According to Regulations — A young bureaucrat in possession of a dangerous job must be in need of an admin.

Amazing tales of bureaucratic adventure and derring-do in the tradition of Keith Laumer’s Retief!


Sabrina Chase is a software test developer, writer, and recovering physicist residing in the Pacific Northwest. She usually describes her writing style as “two-fisted tales of space adventure”(The Scent of Metal, the Sequoyah trilogy) but has also committed fantasy (The Last Mage Guardian, Dragonhunters, Firehearted, Jinxers). Her latest book is a sequel to The Scent of Metal, One Blood.