Breaking the Bonds

Breaking the Bonds

Breaking the Bonds

Novel by Perry A Wilson

$3.99 available in bundle


Twenty-five years ago, brutal aliens stole Serena’s world.

Now, under the fear and pain of everyday life under the Meta, something stirs in her heart. Rebellion is a dangerous word for three young humans to whisper. Serena pulls her friends Michal and Oisin into a plot to free her people.

Do you love stories that pit good against evil? Then grab Breaking the Bonds and join the fight for freedom. 


Perry Wilson is a Canadian author based in Vancouver, BC who has big ideas and an itch to tell stories. Having spent some time on university, a career, and life in general, she returned to writing in 2008 and hasn’t looked back since (well, maybe a little, but only while parallel parking).

She is a member of the Vancouver Writers Social Group, The Royal City Literary Arts Society, and The Surrey Writing Workshop. Perry has self-published several novels. She writes the Madeline Journeys, a fantasy series about a high-powered lawyer who finds herself trapped in a magical world, the Quinn Larson Quests, which follows the adventures of a wizard named Quinn who must contend with volatile fae in the heart of Vancouver, and the Charity Deacon Investigations, a mystery thriller series about a private eye who tends to fall into serious trouble with her cases, and The Riverton Romances, a series based in a small town in Oregon, one of her favorite states. Her stand-alone novels are Breaking the Bonds, Closing the Circle, and The Dragon at The Edge of The Map.