Blue Suede Darlin'

Blue Suede Darlin'

Blue Suede Darlin'

Novel by Juliet Nordeen

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For Bailey Faye Michaels—Rockabilly drummer, fierce friend and bedpost-notch collector—making a life-saving deal with a Faery could not have gone more sideways. Ignoring the usual Faery Godmother playbook, hauntingly beautiful Laume “rescues” the member of Bailey’s band and holds them hostage in a deal that gets harder and harder to keep. Faeries and Faery magic complicate everything as Bailey uncovers her own ties to Faery, the destructive force of Faery-addiction, and the unyielding power of Mab, Queen of the Winter Faeries. With help from the queen’s own Winter Knight and an unexpected new love, Bailey fights a battle to rescue her phamily that no one but her intends for her to win.


Juliet Nordeen is a recovering mechanical engineer who lives on the Kitsap Peninsula of Washington state. She’s married to her childhood sweetheart and raises German Shepherds and furry cats. When she’s not writing she’s cooking or running or quilting or camping.