A Dawna Shepherd Short Mystery



A Dawna Shepherd Short Mystery

Short Story by Diana Deverell

$2.99 available in bundle


Dawna’s hot on the trail of a renegade NSA contractor. Mickey Cartwright “blew the whistle” on US cyber surveillance of European leaders and was charged with espionage. Now, he’s emerged from his Russian sanctuary to testify at a European Justice Court.

The Court is meeting secretly in Poland a few miles from the Russian border. Dawna manages to snatch her target and escape into a December blizzard. But others also have plans for Cartwright. With death at their heels, Dawna and her prisoner dash over snow-capped hills and through frosty woods, desperate to outrun a ruthless pursuer.

Editor and best-selling writer Kevin J. Anderson praised “Blown” as an “entertaining spy caper … very real and exciting” when he introduced the story in Pulse Pounders, the January 2015 Kobo Special edition of Fiction River anthology magazine.

As a bonus, this ebook of “Blown” also includes “Polonaise: A Dawna Shepherd Short Story” originally published in 2001 in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. Her first visit to Poland—but not her last.


A native Oregonian, Diana Deverell was a US Foreign Service Officer and served in Washington DC, San Salvador, and Warsaw, before she moved to rural Denmark to write full-time. She debuted as a published writer in 1998 with 12 Drummers Drumming, her first Casey Collins International Thriller.

Her current project is the Nora Dockson Legal Thriller series, featuring an ex-con turned feisty appeals lawyer. The first three books are Help Me Nora, Right the Wrong, and Hear My Plea.

FBI Special Agent Dawna Shepherd’s fifteenth published adventure “Shaken, Not Stirred” is in the Jan/Feb 2016 edition of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. The first twelve Dawna Shepherd short stories are collected in Run & Gun: A Dozen Tales of Girls with Guns. “In Plain Sight” is also available as an ebook short story.

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