Blaster Squad #2

Sea of Death

Blaster Squad #2

Blaster Squad #2

Sea of Death

Novella by Russ Crossley



In this second mission in the 42nd century after an encounter with pirates Nick Justice leads Blaster Squad on a hazardous mission in uncharted space to rescue kidnapped aliens.

They soon become trapped in a mysterious void filled with a sea of lifeless alien vessels orbiting an artificial star powered by the powerful energy field they’ve been trying to recover.

Join mercenaries Nick, Siren, Gears, Bones, and the Kid as they discover a monstrous plot to dominate the galaxy. In a race against time they fight to escape this sea of death and must make a shocking decision before it’s too late.

Blast off to far future with Blaster Squad in this tale of high adventure and pulse pounding action to save the galaxy for all human and alien kind.


International selling author, Russ Crossley, lives on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia with his wife, Rita, who is also an author and an artist.

He has sold several short stories that have appeared in anthologies from various publishers including; WMG Publishing, Pocket Books, 53rd Street Publishing, and St. Martins Press.

He is a member of SF Canada and is past president of the Greater Vancouver Chapter of Romance Writers of America. He is also an alumni of the Oregon Coast Professional Fiction Writers Master Class taught by award winning author/editors, Kristine Katherine Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith.

Feel free to contact him on Facebook or Twitter or He loves to hear from readers