The Bifurcated Man

The Bifurcated Man

The Bifurcated Man

Short Story by Louisa Swann

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Celia Briggs. Daughter, assistant,and apprentice to San Francisco’s most successful personage, the venerable Dr. Joseph Briggs, physician and warlock extraordinaire. Celia detests the new constable in town, but when an unusual corpse shows up on the autopsy table, she tries to set aside her dislike and help track down the killer, a task that would be much easier if she could actually work a little magic.


While “discovering” herself as a writer, Louisa experimented with a variety of day jobs, including slush reader, editor, and managing editor, gaining insider information on the world of writing and publishing. At the same time, she built her writing skills by not only writing, but taking classes, attending conferences, chatting with other writers, and … writing some more.

Louisa is the chaotic imagination behind a wide variety of writings, from Star Trek short stories to quirky fantasy, from humor-laden tales to dark, shadowy noir, the kind of imagination that resulted in nightmares when she was small, “stage plays” when she was a teeny bopper (do they even use that term anymore?), angst-filled poetry in her teens, and short stories and novels when she finally realized that same imagination could actually prove useful. Modern “country/western” comes to life under the pen name Jonesey Carlson and dark fantasy/noir under the pen name Lisa Gaines — everything else is Louisa’s “game.”