Being Here : an M/M Novel

Being Here : an M/M Novel

Being Here : an M/M Novel

Novel by Ada O'Flaherty & J Roxem

$3.99 available in bundle


World-travelled chef Alfonso Vanucci must face the life he ran away from ten years ago. Called back to the family restaurant—Vanucci’s—sabotage and betrayal welcome the handsome and charming Alfonso home. Companionship wasn’t part of the plan, and love was an impossibility. But, Alfonso’s heart is smarter than his head when it comes to what he needs in life, and what he needs is Michael. Now, his greatest challenge is that of new love… one that demands he come out to his family.

At only eighteen years old with a mom barely older than him, Michael Chellum knows a runner when he sees one. He’s lived with one all his life—and Alfonso Vanucci is a runner. Giving Alfonso his heart is a heartbreak waiting to happen. But, Michael’s mother is missing, and Michael’s on his own. He must learn to let others in and trust them with his vulnerabilities… or risk becoming an island of one, alone in the world without anyone to catch him if he falls.

Alfonso never meant to fall in love with Michael, and Michael never meant to let himself rely on Alfonso. But, together, through reinvention, hard work, and love, Alfonso and Michael fight to save Vanucci’s and each other. To fail would mean losing everything….

This is a 67,000 word, M/M novel with a happily ever after. It includes genuine romance and explicit sex between two men.


Ada O’Flaherty is a romance novelist and a short-story eroticist. And, she thanks you from the bottom of her heart for supporting her dream of being a writer.

J Roxem is Ada O’Flaherty (just spelled a little differently). J Roxem’s novel-length tales are splendidly and explicitly naughty but are also over-brimming with love.
Please enjoy.