Athena Setting

Athena Setting

Athena Setting

Novel by Sean Monaghan

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Jess Candell loves the orbital runs between Jupiter’s moons. Even if Athena isn’t quite the right ship for the job.

In the Jovian system, when things go wrong, they go wrong fast. And bad. When it happens to Athena, she’s heading for a fiery plunge into Jupiter’s atmosphere.

With rescue ships days away, Jess will have to risk everything to save the survivors. If she can even find them.

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As a child looking at the stars and watching astronauts on T.V., Sean Monaghan dreamed of exploring the universe. He has traveled much of the world in person, and frequently visits outer space from the comfort of his writing chair.

Sean’s stories have appeared in Asimov’s, Perihelion and Landfall, among others. He has been a finalist for numerous awards and was the Grand Prize winner of the Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest in 2014.