Archer of Venus

Archer of Venus

Archer of Venus

Novel by James Palmer

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If you're a fan of Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon or John Carter, you've come to the right planet! "Archer of Venus" dives into the planetary romance genre and delivers a winner that is a quick and easy read. I read it while jogging on the elliptical at the gym, and loved it for being a straight-up heroic adventure that is a perfect tribute to the pulp and comic strip heroes of yesteryear.
The main character, Archer, is a Hollywood actor who gets swept up in a civil war on Venus that features a classic take on our solar system. This Venus isn't a poisonous furnace with a crushing atmospheric pressure -- this is a Venus filled with wild beasts, domed cities, robots and gladiator pits. If given the choice, I'll take that Venus over the real one any day!
What's most important about this book is that it's a wonderful casual read. You aren't going to be bored with obnoxiously long descriptions or backstories that seem to go on for pages. Instead, you get a driven hero who delivers action scene after action scene that keeps you flipping pages.
There's more to the Archer series, and you can bet I'm going to be grabbing those next. A great diversion from a humdrum session on the elliptical. Thanks, James Palmer, and keep a laser-beam focus on action, adventure and heroes doing what they do best.

Amberjack, an Amazon reader.


I was able to read this book before it came out. It was a perfect retro-science fiction that might have been written in the golden-era of the genre when scientists really thought Mars and Venus might be more hospitable to life than we now though they are. In the tradition of old b-movies or Edgar Rice Borroughs this story has the same kind of feel to it, although faster-paced for the modern reader. 

Floyd Looney


An Adventure Across Time. A Journey Through Space.

It is 1953, and Jason Archer is an actor struggling his way through Hollywood portraying one rubber-suited monster after another for a string of B pictures. Just once he’d like to play the hero instead of the villain.

Then one night he meets a mysterious woman in a club, and Archer finds himself blasted fifteen thousand years into the future to a frightening, terraformed Venus. To get home, he must become the hero he’s always wanted to portray, helping the woman free her people from the tyrannical Overmen—if that world’s deadly mega-fauna don’t kill him first!

It’s SF action adventure in the style of such classics as the John Carter series, as only the award-nominated James Palmer can tell it.


James Palmer is a writer of science fiction and pulp adventure. His latest novel is Ix Incursion, the second book in a space opera trilogy. James has written for Airship 27, White Rocket Books, Pro Se Productions, Falstaff Books, and Lucky Comics. A recovering comic book addict, James lives in Northeast Georgia with his wife and daughter.