A Fantasy Novel



A Fantasy Novel

Novel by Jay Bowers

$2.99 available in bundle


Wade Hawkesworth receives a visit from an old friend. Pete, his young friend, had ridden over on his bicycle. He was 10 years old, just as Wade remembered him! 

The only problem was that Wade himself was 35 years old. That, and the fact that he also knew that his old friend Pete was dead… 

Wade set off in his old Ford F100 pickup truck to travel down to Pete’s old house in Illinois to see what was going on. He loaded up the truck with his golden retriever dog Charlie by his side, and they set off on the backroads of southwest Wisconsin, heading to Illinois in search of answers, and to check up on his relatives.

Then a wheel-less Big Rig showed up behind them, driven by a demon Hell Trucker holding an emerald that blasted beams of sorcerous doom, intent on blasting the old truck into pieces. Luckily, Wade had brought a big bore pistol along- but, would it work against the supernatural? 

Perhaps it would- in the Afterlife…


Jay Bowers is involved with natural, or paleo health,  which merely means that he believes natural methods of health supersede drug and surgery- based ones, ideally.  Check him out on, along with his two podcasts, PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe and Paleo Quick Tip of the Day.

He also writes fiction, and this novel Afterlife is his latest effort.