Ebook List

A few of the ebooks available to be bundled

Zombee A Go-Go

A by Rebecca M. Senese

During a trip to the tavern Zombee A Go-Go, zombie wrangler Jay meets Melanie the zombie tamer. She wants to learn wrangling but he ain’t teachin’ no matter that she’s both sweet-looking and feisty. When Melanie heads off to learn her own way, Jay is forced to follow, barely managing to help her escape from the largest zombie herd ever. When the herd turns toward Zombee A Go-Go, Jay has to put aside…


Line of Duty

A by Harvey Stanbrough

The mob boss wants to test a rookie driver and maybe teach him a lesson too. How to Get the Boss Out of Harm’s Way 101. Surely nothing will go wrong. Surely.


If Mama Ain't Happy

A by Harvey Stanbrough (as Eric Stringer)

Johnny Marsden sets out for home after a few hours’ fishing. His grandfather becomes concerned and goes out looking for him. But what happens with Johnny and his grandfather is far from anything you might expect.


What Happened Then : an M/M novel

What Happened Then : an M/M novel

A by Ada O'Flaherty & J Roxem

Molested by his brother as a teenager, Ian Carsdon is living a lie. As a twenty-five year old Professor of English, he drowns the shame of how he copes by losing himself in bourbon. But, drink isn’t enough to block out the echoes of the past, and it’s not enough to give his body the sexual release it craves. For that, he needs a strong hand. A very strong hand. Raphia Margose is a thirty-three year…

$3.99 available in a bundle

In Maps & Legends

A by Michael Jasper, Niki Smith

One world just might not be enough. Kaitlin Grayson considers herself just an artist until she gets recruited by a strange man named Bartamus, who shows up at her place in the middle of the night and demands she use her kills to save his dying world. And if Bartamus’ world falls, Earth is next — along with untold other worlds. For Kait, things like this happen in the books she illustrates so often,…


Marriage of Convenience

A by Leigh Saunders

An unexpected demand by the powerful Rhysa throws fragile treaty negotiations into a turmoil. Tasked with brokering an interspecies marriage of alliance between humans and Rhysians, Earth’s negotiation team finds themselves caught in an interstellar re-enactment of Beauty and the Beast - one demanding personal sacrifices to ensure peace, and where no one will be magically transformed in the end.


Immoral Telepathy

A by Stefon Mears

Rick Blackhall survived developing telepathy. But will he survive meeting other telepaths? Rick’s off at Berkeley for his first semester of college, with his best friend and high school crush hundreds of miles away. Huge classes, dates, dorm life – and a clique of telepaths who dominate the minds of strangers for entertainment. Will Rick hold to his morals against their seductive philosophies? Or…


Vagabond Samaritans

A by Reid Alan

In constant motion. Out of sight. Eccentric multimillionaires, they stay on the road to evade the authorities and the mob. Not nearly as rough as it sounds, they live in—and drive—a palace: a luxury double-decker RV. Then a desperate call from the past takes them back to when they first saw each other, and acquired their home on wheels.


Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe Tomorrow

A by LM Connolly

Maybe Tomorrow Two hearts beat as one - two hundred years apart! Tabitha Simpson is on her honeymoon alone, after her fiancé cheated on her. In London she finds a tiny shop, where she buys a miniature portrait. The man in the picture calls to her, as if she already knows him. When she finds the full-size painting, magic happens, and she is transported back in time to 1816. Avery is the Earl of Northcote,…

$2.99 available in a bundle

Tommy Puke and the Boy with the Golden Barf

A by Robert Jeschonek

Who’s the grossest kid in the world?  Tommy Puke, that’s who!  He fights off bullies with his mighty loogies…conquers jerks with his powerful farts…and sticks up for his pet skunk by driving off wild dogs with his blistering bad breath.  What happens when he takes his new friend, Josh, on an epic quest to find the fabled prince of vomit, who might just be Tommy’s brother?  Action, laughs, and more…


The Quinn Larson Quests

A by Perry A Wilson

When a fairy commits murder, it sets Quinn on a quest that takes everything from him… The magical world of Vancouver is torn apart by betrayal, greed, secrets, and prophecies. A place where Wizards, Druids, and Fae battle for control of the magical world. IMPERATIVE A sidhe plot will expose the fae to the violent humans. Can Quinn avoid war? A death in a dark alley. A mysterious bargain between a fairy…



A by Maggie Jaimeson, Maggie Lynch

A Sweetwater Canyon Novel – Michele’s Story Balancing a career and a relationship is never easy, and it’s even harder when you are on the road and everyone wants a piece of you. As a music major who sacrificed everything to become master of the upright bass, the last thing Michele Scott thought she’d be doing is touring with an Americana and Bluegrass band. But to tell the truth, she loves it. Not…


Sister of the Lionheart

A by WordFire Press

An unforgettable heroine in a novel of the Crusades Joanna is the strong-willed daughter of King Henry of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine.  Close to her brother Richard Lionheart, she grew up at courts in France and England. From jousts to the infamous Courts of Love, from family quarrels to international intrigues, Joanna’s youth was spent in the thick of it all. With her ambition to become a queen,…



A by Kate MacLeod

Enid, the baker’s daughter, married a lord. All thanks to a very special cake recipe. Now a widow, she lives alone with her grown son. She runs his household with all the skill she learned as a baker’s daughter combined with the grace she learned as a noble lady. She loves it, but nothing lives forever, not even talented mothers who bake special cakes.  Her son needs a wife. And the errant king arrives…


Seagull and Raven

A by Kate MacLeod

Tulugaq held his hand up the sky and counted his heartbeats. It took twelve beats for the light to move from the tip of his little finger to the end of his thumb.  A very strange omen, the shaman said.  Not so strange as Tulugaq’s dreams of his missing sister, so near he can smell her and yet not hear her words. A cry for help, or a warning? The answer lies where the light fell, across miles of snow…