Ebook List

A few of the ebooks available to be bundled

We Should Be More Like Fish

A by Baby Ice Dog Press

Sickened by man’s barbarity, a medieval lord decides to conduct a bold experiment.Length: 19,000 words.


Kelpie Curse

A by Roz Marshall

Legends aren’t supposed to come to lifeCursed by an evil crone and trapped in the icy wastes of the faerie realm, all peace-loving Elphin wants is to return home. But the terms of his enchantment make him despair for his future - until Scots teenager Corinne MacArthur stumbles into his world. And into mortal danger. Aspiring show-jumper Corinne has been playing the virtual reality game Feyland to escape…


Rogue Beauty

A by Harambee K. Grey-Sun

A fugitive from the Sprytes, one of the most dangerous supernatural cults on Earth, Betty has refashioned herself as a revealer of dark conspiracies and a killer of misogynous conspirators. On her crusade, she has successfully stayed off the radar for months. When the Sprytes close in, however, Betty may find herself entangled in a conspiracy too dark to escape.  Eve of Light is a dark metaphysical…


The Passed Prop

A by Anne Hagan

Chloe Rossi wants to retire with her husband and move away from suburban sprawl to bucolic Morelville; the only trouble is, Morelville is experiencing its worst crime wave ever and Marco Rossi wants no part of a move there. What to do? Faye Crane would like nothing more than to have her good friend Chloe move closer to her and to Chloe’s own daughter. She’s got Chloe convinced it’s a smart move…


The Deep Sunset

A by Dean Wesley Smith

Attorney Gail Kelly dies suddenly on her way to dinner and within minutes meets Dan Carson, aka Sunset. A Ghost Agent for over a hundred years, Sunset offers to help train Gail. But some­where in their lust for each other (yes, ghosts can be horny) they stumble onto a plan that could destroy the world. Dan and Gail and other Ghost Agents must join up with Poker Boy and his team and a bunch of gods…


Girl Meets Mind Reader

A by Robert Jeschonek

Falling in love can be impossible for a mind reader like Virgil. Whenever he meets someone, he sees her deepest flaws and darkest secrets right away. But when beautiful Bridget swoops into his life, he can’t read a thought in her head. Bridget’s a closed book to him, so of course he falls hard for her—even as he realizes he might not be able to read her mind, but he can see the world through her eyes….


The Last Mage Guardian

A by Sabrina Chase

Her great-uncle, the mage Oron, bequeathed to her his oak-shaded chateau and a debt of magical honor. But in a world where women do not do magic, Miss Ardhuin Andrews must hide her magical talents. How can she repay the debt? When Oron’s enemies attack, how can she survive? Political intrigue, duty, and echoes of an old war not truly ended combine to create a smoldering crisis in a world where magic…


Hidden Treasure

A by Little Kisses Press

A museum in a Victorian castle. A sexy curator and a gorgeous security guard. A snowstorm trapping them overnight. A recipe for smoking-hot sex…except for the bumbling thieves who break in looking for hidden treasure. Never fear, our heroine and hero refuse to let the blackout, the thieves, or anything else stand in the way of their desires. Steamy short story “Hidden Treasure”: another feather in…


The Machine

A by Blaze Ward

Special Agent Eva Kiesler gave up Hollywood fame to battle the Nazis with the assistance of Dr. Slate, a living clone of N. Telsa.Now, British Intelligence has tracked their enemy to a warehouse down on the docks. Eva must lead her team to face a mad-science menace in the heart of Manhattan, where they confront powers beyond normal understanding, as well as devices stolen from the mind of Dr. Slate…


Another Girl, Another Planet

A by Lou Antonelli

Dave Shuster has been confronted by secret government agents over a photo taken by a Mars lander of a graveyard complete with crosses on Mars. Shuster claims that – in an alternate timeline – he was a low-level bureaucrat in the administration of a joint U.S. – Soviet Mars colony when he was caught up in a murder mystery involving the illegal use of robot technology. In that timeline, the Cold War…


Vendetta: An Unfilmed Trek Screenplay

A by Robert Jeschonek

Once upon a galaxy, a spaced-out writer launched a script for a starry TV episode set in a universe much like a certain trek we know and love. Here, for the first time, you can experience this voyage into trekkerness. The names are new, but you might recognize the drama and excitement of an epic encounter aboard the star cruiser Sojourner in a distant quadrant of the final frontier. In this deep space…


The Curious Case of William Alexander Redwood

A by Mark Benjamin

Eighteen-year-old Billy wakes up to find himself imprisoned, bound and blindfolded, with no recollection of how he got there.When his captor knocks him out to silence his screams, Billy’s memories pursue him into the cruel darkness.With his rise to consciousness, Billy comes to face what has haunted him from childhood, with devastating results.


The Clockwork Fairy Kingdom

A by Leah Cutter

The Greater Oregon Fairy Kingdom hides beneath the Pacific Ocean cliffs. Between their own lost dreams, battles with the dwarves, and the encroaching humans, the kingdom continues to diminish. Only two young humans can save them now.Will Dale, the young human Tinker, answer their dreams? Can he repair the malfunctioning clockwork of the kingdom? Help them finish their great machine? Can they make him…


Wulf and the Son of Man

A by Jay Bowers

Wulf has left his native Germania, signing on with the Romans.  He winds up a Centurion eventually, being assigned to Jerusalem under Pontius Pilate, who asks him to observe this supposed prophet Jesus. Wulf does so, and also takes an interest in one of the disciples, named Judas…


Seven Comic Book Scripts Volume One

A by Robert Jeschonek

Comic book and super-hero fans, rejoice! This volume includes seven scripts—mostly super-hero tales, plus one war/horror story—from a writer whose work has been published by DC Comics, among others. Robert Jeschonek has written plenty of scripts in his career, and these seven will shine a light on his writing process, his wild imagination…and some thrilling and thought-provoking adventures. The first…