Ebook List

A few of the ebooks available to be bundled

Betting on a Legend

A by Stefon Mears

Merrick’s Last Stand, a small river town far from kings and magic. As far as anyone knows… Fenwick claims he saw a legendary monster. The Gargantu. His friends call him a liar and worse, but they’ll take his wager. Together they venture into the woods to find proof. What they find changes Fenwick’s life forever. When you bet on a legend, even winning carries a steep price. Betting on a Legend, a…


Bind by the River

A by Stefon Mears

Exhausted, starving, and out of magic: a terrible way to meet your assassin. Terlik meets the warrior woman beside a river. Him: an exhausted apprentice wizard on a mission for his master. Her: a dishonored warrior-turned-assassin, hunting for Terlik. Terlik will die … unless his wits prove faster than his spells. Bind by the River, a fantasy short story adventure full of honor and trickery. From…


Nothing Down

A by Steve Vernon

So you think you know all about superheroes? Those guys in the capes and the lightly starched spandex speedoes. Leaping tall buildings and always getting the girl. You don’t know nothing. Join Steve Vernon, Nova Scotia’s hardest working horror writer, as he takes you into the world of Captain Nothing. It’s a world without hope, a world that is as cold and dark as a landlord’s heart, three days after…


A Ghostly Christmas Present

A by J. Daniel Sawyer

For crappy Christmas presents, Detective Clarke Lantham figures most people couldn’t beat getting thrown in an out-of-state jail on a trumped up charge. So when he calls up his brother for help with bail, he thinks he’s prepared for the ordeal of spending a holiday weekend with relatives who put the “strange” back in “estranged. That was his first mistake. But with an old client gumming up the works,…



A by S. B. Sebrick

An ancient evil stirs in the hills beyond Shaylis, seductive and relentless. Kaltor Stratagar’s unwitting involvement in the creature’s release drives him onward as the names of friends and innocents alike join an ever growing list of the dead. The damned soul’s influence touches rich and poor alike, twisting the people against their fellows and coating the streets in terror. Kaltor faces a race against…


In the Siberian Fields

A by Harvey Stanbrough

Could you mine the bones of your own ancestors? And if so, at what cost? In the early 22nd century, the Earth is governed by the World Equality Organization (WEO). Like all corrupt governments, they not-so subliminally plant imagined problems for the citizenry, then parlay the citizens’ fear into power. The Jewish people, who for centuries have been considered “God’s Chosen,” are seen as a barrier…


Children of Shadows

A by Joleene Naylor

The sixth installment of the Amaranthine series pulsates with the dark blood of vampire lore. The Children of Shadows, a vampire cult not seen for hundreds of years, resurfaces to wage war on the vampire guilds. Led by a familiar face, the cult wreaks havoc while Katelina and Jorick are trapped in Munich stronghold. Ume, a mysterious vampiress, who claims to know Verchiel, offers the help of her secret…


Are You HAPP(y)? We Can Help.

A by Rei Rosenquist

p.first-line-indent { text-indent: 0.5in; margin-bottom: 0in; }p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; } Ible wants to feel alive. But in District 6, the sun never shines, the buildings clutter out the sky, and life hides in the cracks between things. Ible doesn’t know why. “If you want a change, go to the Grey Stride,” Fox the trusted colleague advises. Ible decides to go and try the drug…


Beats All You Ever Saw

A by Harvey Stanbrough

Me and my buddy Jackson just wanted’a stop off for a brewski, right? Hey, but we never expected to see what we seen. Or what happened after that.


With One Shoe

A by Karen L. Abrahamson

A finalist for the prestigious Arthur Ellis Award for short mysteries. Detective Ron Conroy gave up hoping for a better world a long time ago. When he attends the dilapidated home of Elvira Paradis to investigate the disappearance of her daughter, he finds not only a woman worn beyond her years, but also visions of someplace—else. Someplace wonderful. A delinquent youth becomes the primary suspect…


A Father's Daughter

A by Russ Crossley

Saffron Smythe is rich. Saffron Smythe is spoiled. Saffron Smythe is a daddy’s girl. Saffron Smythe is dead. She’s been murdered.When Saffron finds herself at a heavenly way station and discovers she’s been murdered she realizes she needs to discover the reason she died and who killed her. She immediately enlists the aid of paranormal investigator Amanda Dark to solve the crime.Amanda begins the investigation…


Questing for a Dream

A by P.D. Workman

Nadie is a bright, caring teen growing up Manitoba Cree growing up in abject poverty. She tries to balance school attendance, caring for her younger cousin Luyu, and spending time with handsome, impish Mouse, her best friend and confidante. Together, they strive to find the path to happiness on the reservation. But tragedy strikes and Nadie’s is devastated by Luyu’s accidental death. Unable to find…


Pantser’s Guide to Writing

A by Linda Maye Adams

For writers who don’t outline—called pantsers—it’s hard finding anything on how to write that doesn’t involve outlining. Author Linda Maye Adams, a pantser writer, cuts through some of the myths and may save you wasted time looking for solutions.  In this guide, Linda Maye Adams addresses the issues that derail pantsers and also provides tips to make the writing process easier.


Masters of the Sun

A by Michael Kingswood

The world ended ten years ago, but life goes on. For Jack Simmons, that means a life spent hunting and trapping with his friend and mentor, and trying not to think about what he lost all those years ago. Of course, even after the end of the world politics rolls along. And when the trade caravan brings word to Jack’s town of a new force rising in the west, a force rumored to have magical powers, Jack…


Tickling The Tiger

A by Joslyn Chase

These stories appear in the short story collection, What Leads A Man To Murder.  Another captivating pair of mystery and suspense stories from prize-winning author Joslyn Chase. Tickling The Tiger  A young doctor, part of an elite medical task force, sets a course for adventure in Bangladesh, where she faces the harsh realities of a killer disease.  And the human element aiding and abetting it.  Virulent…