Ebook List

A few of the ebooks available to be bundled

The Brokered Convention

A by Nick Harlow

It’s every reporter’s dream. And every political party’s worst nightmare. A national convention with no clear nominee for the Oval Office. When the incumbent President who is a stone cold lock for re-election suddenly drops out due to health reasons at the last minute, both political parties are thrown for a loop. With the ultimate prize up for grabs, all sorts of candidates scramble to throw their…


Tales of Twisted Crime

A by Russ Crossley

Five diverse stories of crime and punishment. A man on a road trip faces a mysterious killer, two oddball detectives meet the parrot of doom, in the not too distant future a group of thieves plan the perfect crime, an unlikely friendship leads to murder, and a serial killer takes an apprentice. No matter bent, broken or twisted, crime does not pay.


Net Impact

A by Donald J. Bingle

Dick Thornby is not Hollywood’s idea of a spy.  In his rough and tumble job there are no tailored Italian suits, no bimbos eager to please, and no massive underground fortresses built by evil overlords seeking world domination—just an endless series of sinister threats to the safety and security of the billions of mundane citizens of the planet.  Sure, Dick’s tough and he knows a few tricks to help…


Instrument of Justice

A by Russ Crossley

Meet John “Jazz” Stiletto. It’s 1950 Los Angeles on the eve of the Korean conflict when a would be starlet is found murdered. Military Polceman, Jazz Stiletto, is ordered to assist the LAPD iinvestigation. Jazz soon discovers a dark conspiracy that requires a man of his special talents. A tale where we meet a man who walks to his own sense of justice. This story was originally published by Over…


MIB Files: Meltdown Liquidator

A by David Sloma

1986. A nuclear reactor is in meltdown behind the Iron Curtain, letting off intense radiation. A solider goes into the contaminated zone to help with the clean up but gets something more demonic than a dose of radiation. The MIB FILES are stories of the paranormal, strange things, and UFO sightings with one thing in common: interactions with the Men in Black.


Day 9

A by Robert Jeschonek

Somewhere in the world, a genius builds a machine to bring mankind closer to God. Somewhere in time, another genius builds a cathedral with a mind of its own. Somewhere on the road, three searchers race a serial killer to find the man with the key to salvation. It takes the sound and fury of Day 9 to bring them all together. If God took six days to make the world and rested on Day 7, humanity has…


Finally Fallen

A by Z. Allora

What’s the use of being a rock legend if you have no one to share the fame and fortune with? Not that Dusty Davis is looking. He’s content taking care of himself, his bandmates, and his rambunctious younger brothers. 

And while the rest of The Dark Angels are happily paired with men, Dusty can’t be gay. A night in a club brings him face to face with the woman of his dreams. J is articulate,…


Duchess Rising

A by Alison Naomi Holt

     You are invited to enter Ar’rothi, a world as vividly realized as Narnia or Middle Earth, a world where animal spirits guide humans towards enlightenment, and in which an orphaned girl and a warrior duchess must join forces against an evil that threatens everything they have learned to love. If you love stories about smart, strong, kickass women, swords, kings, queens and Spirit Guides, sprinkled…


The Weeping Woman

A by Marcelle Dube

Kate Williams doesn’t do vacations well. She likes her job as chief of police in tiny Mendenhall, Manitoba. But her niece, the chef, is working too hard, and Kate decides a week by the beach in Gimli is just the ticket. Once they get to the cottage on the lake, however, she discovers something weird going on. And then her niece starts behaving strangely…


Terra Incognita

Terra Incognita

A by Karen L. Abrahamson

Terra Vargas lives on an Earth shattered by climate change in a city threatened by fierce marauders—the deepee—who destroyed her family. When a young man, Ravi Sanghera, arrives with a destiny of his own—to rid the earth of the “Destroyer of Worlds”, Terra learns she inherited powers she neither understands nor wants—powers that might contain the secret to preserving or destroying the only home she…

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The Unfortunate Case of His Mother's Virginity

A by Harvey Stanbrough

Stern Richards, PI, is having a bad day. Imagine. After a long, relaxing nap, you reach over to see whether your partner’s awake, and discover she’s dead. Of a cut throat. In your bed. You didn’t do it. But who did? How did they do it without waking you? And when? And why? Well, he has to find out. Or go to prison.


School Daze

A by Deb Logan

Dani Erickson is a hereditary demon hunter. The seventh child of a seventh child, she was born to battle the nasty monsters she sees infesting her small Colorado town. With the help of her best friend Allie and her sensei, she’s getting into fighting trim — just in time for her first day of high school. Demons beware. Dani’s on the prowl!


Future Visions

A by Rebecca M. Senese

Envision a future where: a young woman flees to save her android boyfriend; immortality is the worst kind of life sentence; a robot dog stands in the way of a great heist; no bug spray will stop this infestation; and solving a murder ripples through a detective’s life deeper than any echo.


Robine's Diary

A by Russ Crossley

A man’s tortured past returns to haunt him.  A veteran of the Rwanda massacre, Hal Tomkins seeks solace on a remote island as a lighthouse keeper. Now he faces a deadly foe bent on murder. Is it revenge or to silence him?


it's a small galaxy

A by Russ Crossley

In the future cloning becomes child’s play. When his father brings home a science kit from an alien world when he was ten years old, young Bernie Culpepper clones a Bigfoot which he names Shakespeare. Now forty years later Shakespeare may hold the secret to change lives and save a father’s life. But before he can Bernie and Shakespear must find a man presumed missing long ago.