Ebook List

A few of the ebooks available to be bundled

Love in a Flash

A by Debbie Mumford

A collection of romantic Flash fiction stories—complete tales told in less than a thousand words. Each of these seven jewels presents the exhilaration of budding romance. Experience the thrill of discovery with Love in a Flash!


Don't Forget Steven

A by P.D. Workman

Things never have been easy for Steven. He accepts that, and just makes the best of things. He might not have parents or a happy home. Or enough to eat most days. But at least he has a couple of loyal friends who stand by him and help out when they can. At least he has school, someplace he can go to escape the abuse. But just when he thought things couldn’t get much worse, they did. Steven is accused…


The Christmas Club

A by Russ Crossley

For the past two years there have three bloody murders of members of rich and powerful families on December 22, 23 and 24. Then the murders stop.  On December 22nd this year it starts again. Detective Sarah Bascombe must stop a killer before the trail once again goes cold. She soon discovers a terrible secret. A christmas club dedicated to murder. A club targeting her own family.


Life is a Cabernet

A by Jan Moran

From Jan Moran, the author of The Winemakers from St. Martin’s Press, comes a riveting novella that’s as rich and irresistible as a fine cabernet wine. Napa Valley, 1956: Years ago, after Juliana Cardona’s fiancé was killed in an army ambush, she didn’t know if she could ever find the strength to risk love again. Now Juliana, who has a passion for winemaking, is determined to build her own business…


Dragon Writers

A by Lisa Mangum

Dragons are creatures of legend. Of magic. Of wisdom, nature, and the power of creation. They have been in every culture and mythology since the beginning of time. Writers are creatures of legend. With magic, wisdom, and the power of creation at their fingertips. They, too, are in every culture and have been creating their own mythologies since the beginning of time. Within each writer is the power…


A Father's Daughter

A by Russ Crossley

Saffron Smythe is rich. Saffron Smythe is spoiled. Saffron Smythe is a daddy’s girl. Saffron Smythe is dead. She’s been murdered.When Saffron finds herself at a heavenly way station and discovers she’s been murdered she realizes she needs to discover the reason she died and who killed her. She immediately enlists the aid of paranormal investigator Amanda Dark to solve the crime.Amanda begins the investigation…


Chameleon: The Awakening

A by maggie faire, maggie lynch

Camryn Painter is a 16-year-old freak of nature. Or possibly the savior of a civilization that isn’t supposed to exist. She’s an uncontrolled human chameleon… one who transforms into the image of whoever she sees. Escaping from a medical research facility, Camryn discovers a magical forest world. Not that she’s welcome. Her new home is filled with faeries and beasts set on destroying her. Striking…


Fractured Echo

A by Dawn Blair

Humans incubated in a dragon egg… what could go wrong? Born prematurely with split personalities, Echo never knows the actions of her other self. When two boys spot Echo’s car, she wonders what trouble Fracture brings into Echo’s life this time.It might be too much for Echo to handle.The author of The Loki Adventure series brings you the start of a new series spanning space and time with this premier…


The Obvious

A by J. Cassidy

Sammy may have lost all that matters. When she is caught in her friends’ deceit, she realises she needs more than herself in life. However, a series of events beyond her control make Sammy see that friendships can be fleeting and family can’t be chosen.



A by Maggie Jaimeson, Maggie Lynch

A Sweetwater Canyon Novel – Michele’s Story Balancing a career and a relationship is never easy, and it’s even harder when you are on the road and everyone wants a piece of you. As a music major who sacrificed everything to become master of the upright bass, the last thing Michele Scott thought she’d be doing is touring with an Americana and Bluegrass band. But to tell the truth, she loves it. Not…



A by Mario Milosevic

Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway bet his fellow writers at the Algonquin Round Table that he could write a complete short story in six words. The other writers ponied up ten bucks each, and Papa claimed the pot with possibly the saddest six words ever written: “For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.” In this collection, Mario Milosevic offers 41 of his own very short stories. By turns funny, fantastic,…


Out of the Game

A by David DeLee

Still struggling to come to terms with the loss of his family, former- DEA Agent Nick Lafferty gets drawn into a case when ADA Caitlin McKenna requests his help investigating the killing of two cops and her key witness in a murder trial. Accused of murder, being investigated by the FBI, and out of options, Lafferty re-teams with his ex-partner and soon-to-be ex-cop, Delmar Harley, a man wrestling…


The Outsider Tales

A by Mark Gillespie

Stories about the ones who don’t fit…The Outsider Tales is a collection of five of Mark Gillespie’s early short stories about society’s black sheep - that is, the weirdos, the losers, and the indescribables who don’t fit in.Featuring:Snowballs From Mars (Winner of IdeasTap Short Story Competition) - During her first day at work, a young library assistant witnesses a shocking incident involving one…


Devouring Light

A by J.M. Ney-Grimm

Mischievous Mercurio guards the planet Mercury—his sacred charge—with quirky devotion. He loves the oddball chunk of rock, with its illusion of retrograde motion and its out-of-sync orbit and spin. Almost as much as he loves playing pranks. But when Earth’s guardian Gaia bids Mercurio to organize a circus act for Sol’s birthday celebration, the joke’s on him. While Mercurio wangles his way around…


A Day Without Sunshine

A by Russ Crossley

A wealthy young woman with her throat slit. She holds private eye Jazz Stiletto’s business card in her cold fingers. Now the police suspect Stiletto killed her. A new original noir mystery from the author of the Razor and Edge mysteries is a complex mix of murder, greed, and power with PI Jazz Stiletto at the centre of an impossible case where he must break all the rules to survive.