Ebook List

A few of the ebooks available to be bundled


A by Marcelle Dube

A fall off a cliff, a nighttime attack… Is Jules imagining it, or did someone follow her to the Yukon to finally finish her off? When the nightmare that began in Columbia follows Jules all the way to the Yukon, she will have to depend on her wits and her courage to get out of it alive. A novelette by the author of Ghosts of Morocco and the Mendenhall Mystery series.


Making The Breast Of It

A by Robin Storey

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with breast cancer and want to feel positive and uplifted, you’ll love this honest, amusing and inspiring memoir Making The Breast Of It.’Loved this book, it was a fun read, honest and insightful. Thanks Robin for sharing your experience. Highly recommend this book.’   Jennifer Bosch.


UTOPIAS - Book 1

A by Don Viecelli

Utopias is the name of the great megacity that stretches from Milwaukee to Chicago to St. Louis and is the Capital of the United Americas Continent (UAC). There are only nineteen of these large megatropolises left in the UAC, which is comprised of the former countries of Canada, United States, Central America and South America. Outside these megacities lie the Wilderness Areas where nature…


The Verdant Gene

A by Marcelle Dube

A short story by the author of Backli’s Ford.The colonists who landed on Verdant saw only a lush world teeming with life, a perfect place to set down roots and grow. They didn’t know the system’s double moons wreaked havoc at perigee every thirty-three years. Now, over a hundred years after the landing, Dr. Rachel Annalee and her colleagues find themselves in a desperate fight to adapt to a planet…


The Patron Saint of Necromancers

A by Stefon Mears

Conjure man Heath Cyr plies his gris-gris in the streets of Portland, Oregon, a modern-day nexus for wizards, witches, and stranger things. The Black Book of Saint Cyprian has escaped the Vatican. The true grimoire of the patron saint of necromancers. And Heath Cyr has to find it before it falls into the hands of true evil… His uncle Andre. The Patron Saint of Necromancers, an urban fantasy novel…


The Dead Sister

A by Leah Cutter

Shawna knows all the trees in her mom and dad’s orchard. And she knows every inch of that border between land and swamp—she can see it better than anyone else. Even her twin sister Rowan. But only Shawna sees the lights that mark the edge. Stepping across the border would land Shawna in trouble, though curiosity consumes her and she would love to know what lies beyond When tricksy reeds confuse…


Second Spring

A by Karen L. Abrahamson, Karen L. McKee

Chosen as consort of Spring at age twelve, Letha Rivers yearns for freedom from Spring Lake, but duty to bring the Spring each year holds her in place. When Ty Hunter, prodigal son, returns to the valley, it ignites old attractions, but Ty brings with him the specter of a past that pursues him. Letha must choose between her valley and the man she loves, but freedom and love come at a price that Letha…


Near-Life Experience

A by Baby Ice Dog Press

Glenn Tillman runs a successful business, has a beautiful girlfriend and is about to take a well-earned overseas break.So why is he so scared?Length: 15,000 words.


Ice Dragon: The Complete Novel

A by Karen L. Abrahamson

An ice-bound village, a threatening dragon, the walking Dead and visionary dreams of true love fuel this tale of adventure in the wintry landscape of Gruenheld. When threatened with marriage to a village elder, Jazella takes matters into her own hands. She sets out to reclaim the treasure that will buy her freedom and find the man who has haunted her dreams all her life. But dreams aren’t always true,…


Protocol One

A by Nathan Goodman

The first casualty of terror is innocenceWhen Jana Baker first landed the internship of a lifetime, she never imagined walking into a pit of terrorists. But when a secretive federal agent approaches her, she learns the truth and has no choice but to infiltrate their plot. As Agent Stone tries to protect her, Jana pushes past the outer edges of peril only to find herself clinging for life.Protocol One


The Consensus

A by Harvey Stanbrough

On future Earth, there are only six nations. They are governed, loosely, by a compendium of delegates, one from each nation, to the World Dominion. But among any six humans, there is always one who wants to be dominant. When that one, by happenstance, is contacted by extra-terrestrials who believes him to be the ruler of Earth, he is not inclined to correct them. Instead, as a response to their request…


Catching Hell

A by Mindy Klasky

At age thirty-seven, Zach is a veteran catcher in the last years of his contract, grateful for a no-trade clause that will let him retire a star in Raleigh. Twenty-five-year-old Anna has grown up in the Rockets’ front office; her grandfather has long groomed her to take over the team. When Zach finally realizes Anna is no longer a star-struck kid, their passion flares like a game-winning grand slam….


With Perfect Clarity

A by Jamie Ferguson

Emma remembers her death with perfect clarity. Brutally murdered in Colorado in the late 1800s, she haunts the house of her death, unable to leave its walls even after the building burns down. In present day 2003, a video store occupies the original site. Emma spends her days watching movies and the living until she meets Ashley, a ghost who remembers nothing about her own recent death. To help Ashley,…


The Return of Alice

A by Robert Jeschonek

Alice has had a lousy life since she left Wonderland. All grown up and trapped in an unhappy marriage, she longs to escape. But when she finally manages to leap through the mirror, she gets one twisted shock after another. What ever happened to the crazy, charming Wonderland of her youth? This time, the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Mock Turtle, Humpty Dumpty, Tweedledum and Tweedledee are out for blood….


Heaven Painted as a Poker Chip

A by Dean Wesley Smith

Starting into a brand new series, USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith asks a simple question: What happens if ghosts can fight crime and bad guys? Just fifteen minutes after Dr. Jewel Kelly meets Deputy Sheriff Tommy Ralston, they both die. They simply become ghosts, hanging around their own death scene in the mountains of Montana, waiting for something to happen. But even as ghosts they…