Ebook List

A few of the ebooks available to be bundled

The Popcorn Thief

A by Leah Cutter

Ghosts get stuck sometimes. Franklin sees it as his duty to help them pass along from this world to the next. However, a new ghost disturbs him. A greedy ghost. A powerful ghost, stronger than any Franklin has ever seen before. And Franklin learned long ago that “different” just spells trouble. “The Popcorn Thief”—the first novel in The Chronicles of Franklin—immerses the reader deep in rural Kentucky,…



A by Timothy L. Cerepaka

When one knight travels to a another world to find his long-lost sister, he is drawn into a conflict deeper than he knows. With three photographs of his sister as his only clues, Rii, a Knight of Se-Dela, travels to Xeeo, a world of science and technology completely unlike his magical and mystical home world of Dela, where he hopes to reunite with his sister after her mysterious disappearance six…


Knights of the Golden Circle

A by Eugene Lloyd MacRae

They waited from the time of the American Civil War for the South to rise again. They waited, watched, plotted and killed. They guarded buried treasure. In April 1865, as the end of the Civil War neared, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, had the Confederate treasury and the wealth of several banks placed on a special train and moved from Richmond, Virginia into Georgia….


The Other Christmas Tree

A by David Sloma

A short story to warm the heart for the holidays. Sue’s got a secret…the other Christmas tree!


The Untethered Woman

A by Marcelle Dube

When a hit-and-run accident injures her mother, Police Chief Kate Williams rushes home to Quebec to be with her family. Once there, she discovers that there’s more to the “accident” than meets the eye. Now she will do whatever she needs to do to figure out who wanted to hurt her mother, and why.


Terra Incognita

A by Karen L. Abrahamson

Terra Vargas lives on an Earth shattered by climate change in a city threatened by fierce marauders—the deepee—who destroyed her family. When a young man, Ravi Sanghera, arrives with a destiny of his own—to rid the earth of the “Destroyer of Worlds”, Terra learns she inherited powers she neither understands nor wants—powers that might contain the secret to preserving or destroying the only home she…


Breaking Point

A by J.A. Marlow

A man with nothing left to lose… A series of layoffs forces starship pilot Alfonso Wickham to make a shuttle delivery with no help other than the accompanying ‘efficiency expert.’ Nothing he does pleases the man. Neither do the native ground crews. Then local salvagers appear, viewing his cargo as an easy score. Alfonso just reached his breaking point…


Crazy in the Heart

A by Kimberly Gordon

“How can you stand in the ruins of your life and still love it, still want it back, when it’s been ripped away from you?” Brett stretched his arms out and looked at her, his eyes filled with the torment she heard in his voice. “How can you lose everything and believe it will ever be the same, when your wounds still bleed and hurt so much?” Erica squinted at him, unsure of whose life he was talking…


The Overall Effect of Them

A by Harvey Stanbrough

These ten stories run the gamut of the near erotic to the pure romance, from the wild west to an incredible future, from murder for hire to a pastoral home to a morgue. The common thread? The women who drove them.


Rarities About Town

A by Harvey Stanbrough

These 10 short stories run the gamut from SF to horror, a hit man to humor, outer space to street gangs. There is ego, a coffin and a very strange baby. Murder, mystery, terror and psychopathy. Even a twisted psychiatrist, a helpful mob guy and a great deal more. Come along on the ride.


S, F & H

A by Harvey Stanbrough

This collection of ten short stories spans science fiction and science fantasy with a dash of horror tossed in for good luck. From



A by S. B. Sebrick

Old hatreds and savage battles erupt when Malagian forces appear on the western mountains, marching for Shalon. A former student of Taneth’s marches with them, aiding in the hunt of his once-fellow Battleborn. Perversions of viper hounds seek out varadours with predatory ease. The Destroyer plans each step with deadly efficiency. Desperate attempts to delay the oncoming force, save captured allies,…


Wes Crowley. Texas Ranger

A by Harvey Stanbrough

Wes Crowley Texas Ranger is the third prequel and Book 3 in the Wes Crowley saga. Although the titles are arranged chronologically, each also is a stand-alone novel. Over the past 16 years, Wes and his buddy Mac have come a long way in the Rangers. Both are corporals in Amarillo, in the heart of the traditional Comanche homeland. They continue to battle Comanches, comancheros and banditos while making…


The Memory of Water

A by Linda Jordan

Eva struggles to create clarity out of chaos in her job as Assistant Cruise Director on the Universe, a spaceship which cruises the multiverse. Humans from differing political and social factions mixed with aliens from all over. Her boss has gone AWOL, someone’s sabotaging the planned schedule of events and even her cabin won’t recognize her. What else could possibly go wrong? An Aboard the Universe


Nothing To Lose

A by Steve Vernon

So you think you know all about superheroes? Those guys in the capes and the lightly starched spandex speedoes. Leaping tall buildings and always getting the girl. You don’t know nothing. Join Steve Vernon, Nova Scotia’s hardest working horror writer, as he takes you into the world of Captain Nothing. It’s a world without hope, a world that is as cold and dark as a landlord’s heart, three days after…