Ebook List

A few of the ebooks available to be bundled

Morning Sun

A by Jeremy Flagg

Before their paths crossed…  Before a fragile thread connected their futures…  Before they found themselves humanity’s last hope…  The Nighthawks stood alone.  Armed with visions from the future, Eleanor P. Valentine is about to change the fate of eleven would-be heroes in a last ditch effort to save mankind. Morning Sun is a collection of short stories revealing the origins of the Children…


Alien Vibrations

A by Dean Wesley Smith

Dean Wesley Smith, famous for being one of the most prolific and wide ranging authors working today, draws on his library of science fiction short stories to produce this strangely twisted collection, Alien Vibrations. From two androids falling in lust on an alien planet to a story that spans generations, Dean’s science fiction reads like no other. Here he takes you along on an alien first contact…


Observation Day

A by Karen C. Klein

Shanti convinces the Oakenspeare grooms to move forward in the process of selecting their brides. Now that they have reviewed the list they must observe their potential mates before making a final decision. Shanti must convince the Oakenspeare grooms they want to move forward with marrying the brides available at New Edinburgh School of Brides


Shakespeare's Curse

A by Karen C. Klein

Teneyros is a young and ambitious wizard when he hears rumors that the Elder of Scrolls Anansi is retiring. Anansi loves tricks and wants to see who can play the most devious trick, because that is the person who will win the position to lead the wizards of the world. Teneyros plays this game against his brother as well as their rival, Ben Jonson. Who will win and who will lose? Who will be the Elder…


Teacher of the Century

A by Robert Jeschonek

The blackboard jungle has become a hell on Earth. Welcome to the school of tomorrow, a futuristic nightmare of high-tech savagery. Tribes of genetically and cybernetically enhanced students rule the classroom. Weaponized parental A.I. drones terrorize teachers. One teacher stands alone against the insanity, but her old-school ways might be the death of her. Will she sacrifice everything …


The Casey Collins Trilogy * 12 Drummers Drumming * Night on Fire * East Past Warsaw

A by Diana Deverell

Three full-length thrillers in one ebook—get them all for a savings of more than fifty percent! This trilogy features Casey Collins, a State Department specialist in the war on terror. Join Casey on a twisting ride through post-Cold War Europe as she’s drawn off her desk job and into action not once—but three times.12 Drummers Drumming “will keep you on your toes … with a polish and…



A by Robert Jeschonek

On a day known forever as The Silencing, millions of human colonists went missing in space without a trace. Fifty years later, a team of explorers mounts a search, riding a space elevator into the heart of the unknown. One scientist, Gabriel Shard, holds the key to the truth, the last chance to recover the missing…but he might just die before he can use it. Don’t miss this story by award-winning…


Empire's Rift

A by Steve Rzasa

An epic set in the popular Takamo science fiction gaming universe. The Naplian Empire’s war of expansion against the Grand Alliance has taken a turn for the worse. With vital fuel reserves wiped out by a surprise attack, Admiral Daviont of the III Corps makes a long, desperate journey to the fringes of Terran space for a massive undeveloped source of fuel—the Baedecker Star System. But his action does…


Magician's Mayhem

A by R.S. Mollison-Read

In the magical realm of Elden Forest, Tobin Wells enjoys a quiet, simple life. That all changes with the explosive delivery of a mysterious package. Thrown into an unexpected adventure with the clever Darcie Dannett, the two track an obscure signal throughout the kingdom. In this first novel in the Elden Forest series, Tobin and Darcie encounter self-relocating houses, Carrier Cubes, and peculiar knots…


Coming Into Being

A by Linda Jordan

A plague of magic has the world in its grips. The newly magicked roam the streets, taking no prisoners. What can she, one of the Talentless do to help bring order to the chaos before her world is no more? Nightfall and Darkness may just have the answer. Who are your real friends?


Raven Rising

A by Sean Monaghan

Light years from home, Starship Raven went down in an impossible blazing wreck. Crack investigator Angelie Gunnarson and her team love this kind of impossible mystery. But the Raven might have more secrets than even Angelie can handle. An action-packed short sci-fi novel from the award-winning author of The City Builders.


The First Roses

A by Meyari McFarland

Jie’s new life with xyr adopted parents Kunzang and Dumisani was hard work. Lots of hard work. More hard work than xe’d expected. Gardening and hauling dirt and, most importantly, making sure that Kunzang didn’t overdue it while xe was pregnant. Why Kunzang was so calm about lifting things and doing stuff, Jie would never know. Until the baby came and everything changed. The First Roses tells the tale…


Anna Fung, Asian Bitch

A by Matthew W. Grant

By day, she’s overweight & klutzy Internet psychic Lisa Loy… By night, she becomes sleek & sexy martial arts crime-fighting superheroine Anna Fung… In her action/comedy debut adventure, superheroine Anna Fung spouts wisecracks and kicks ass when the big city of Urbana is hit by a crime wave:  Robbery.  Assault.  Shakedowns.  Children kidnapped off the streets and held for an outrageous ransom.   Despite…


Of Blood and Scales

A by A. L. Butcher

The fate of the Kingdom of Ilmar rests on a dying child. The fate of the child rests on the consumed heart of a dragon. Only the truly courageous dare to face the ultimate foe and save the realm. WInner eats the loser!


The Thrill of Victor Rhee's Feet

A by Rod Mandelli

When a gay college senior’s straight foot-dom is out of town, he begs the foot-master for permission to service another dominant jock’s dirty, sweaty, and smelly bare feet. Can submissive Warren find a hot muscle stud to humiliate and manhandle him, putting him in his proper place, under an athlete’s foot?