Ebook List

A few of the ebooks available to be bundled

Assignment: Athens

A by Craig A. Hart

When a SpyCo agent is killed on a deserted road during the wee hours, things begin falling apart for SpyCo chief J. Carlton Moore. A briefcase containing classified information disappears, leaving the future of the United States’ war on terror in doubt. With the terrorist group Scorpion suspected of possessing the missing briefcase and vital information somehow leaking from the most secure SpyCo meetings,…


With Wings The End

A by Rob Vagle

It had begun two weeks earlier, the first light event over much of the continent of North America and then the lights randomly pulsed from the sky over various geographical locations. Any human being witnessing the light pulse would begin to grow a black bird from their chest.  In a world where millions have already been affected and the skies filling up with birds, this is one story about one man…


Still Life, With Cats

A by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

After covering too many war zones, Joshua returns to his grandparents’ place to find the house neglected and the patio filled with cats. He wanted a refuge from the death he witnesses, but the cat yowls remind him of the cries of the wounded. No matter how hard he tries, the cats keep appearing. So, he finally calls for help, help that proves a little weird, a little strange, but maybe just right. “Like…



A by Stefon Mears

Darien, a man on the verge of collapse. Not eating. Not sleeping. Not since his wife died. Not since the night of their last fight. Darien visits a psychic. A specialist in hauntings. His last hope. Darien will do anything to contact his dead wife. “Broken”, a tale of ghosts and one man’s quest to reach beyond death. From Stefon Mears, author of The House on Cedar Street.


The Girl Who Twisted Fate's Arm

A by George Saoulidis

Biker Amazons and Celebrity Singers Sons Of Anarchy meets The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in this coming of age dystopian novel. When the daughter of Greece’s premier singer fails to sing as expected, she finds out about a biker group of women. But will she manage to find the elusive Orosa, the bikers’ motovlogger, when all she has to go on are random street-sightings of criminal behaviour, when her…


Clear as Light

A by Alexandra Brandt

At last, Evan Sumner-Beauville achieves his life-long dream: retiring with Mac, his husband of 60 years, in a place unlike any other—a space station orbiting Earth. A one-way trip, to be sure, but such a glorious one, surrounded by the stars. Until Mac sees a flash of light no one else can see.  And their lives start unraveling, piece by piece.


Worldbuilding: From Small Towns to Entire Universes

A by Kevin J. Anderson

International bestseller Anderson has created many extensive fictional universes, ranging from sweeping galactic empires to complex steampunk fantasies, to humorous monster-filled cities. He has become known for his skill in worldbuilding.   In Worldbuilding: From Small Towns to Entire Universes he describes his techniques in creating a rich fictional setting, leading writers through the countless…


Heart on the Devil's Sleeve

A by M.E. Purfield

Just as teen psychic and art protégé Miki Radicci is able to get back to work on her art, Federal Marshals knock on her door. No, they are not there for her but for her uncle Tony who recently escaped from prison. Having no idea what is going on, she tries to contact her grandfather who’s been out of town helping a sick friend. But he’s not there. He was never there.Miki does a little digging in her…


The Nora Dockson Trilogy * Help Me Nora * Right the Wrong * Hear My Plea

A by Diana Deverell

Three full-length thrillers in one ebook—get them all for a savings of more than fifty percent! Nora Dockson is an ex-con who pulled herself out of the gutter and became an appeals attorney. Nora works only for convicted felons, rescuing innocents trapped by the flawed process that put them behind bars. Join Nora for three legal battles that take place in the span of a single landmark year of her life.


A Lover's Act

A by Meyari McFarland

A garden party was not the place for a war. Fen knew that, right down to her bones. Mother had taught her to behave over a lifetime of beatings, harassment and abuse, all endured in silence. Apparently, though, Briar didn’t know that. Insulting Mother’s prize ornamental rose garden in the middle of Mother’s biggest garden party of the season was sure to start a war. As if stealing Fen away and getting…


Rogue Beauty

A by Harambee K. Grey-Sun

A fugitive from the Sprytes, one of the most dangerous supernatural cults on Earth, Betty has refashioned herself as a revealer of dark conspiracies and a killer of misogynous conspirators. On her crusade, she has successfully stayed off the radar for months. When the Sprytes close in, however, Betty may find herself entangled in a conspiracy too dark to escape.  Eve of Light is a dark metaphysical…


The Story for the Letters

A by Kate MacLeod

Sheshkala, far too young for such things, left her parents and her mountain home behind to secretly follow her big brother Irarra to his apprenticeship in the city. Then the siege began. Murderous barbarians surround the city, pounding at its ancient walls day and night. They want the king. They want the king’s wealth. But more than that, they want to destroy the king’s library. The library where she…


A Spark of Courage

A by Rita Schulz

Emma doesn’t know that leaving her old life behind and starting a new life would hurt so much emotionally or physically.  She struggles when she finds herself alone in an old house with little money and very little time.   Will Emma find the courage to take the first step into a new future?  One woman’s inspiring story of courage when life seems so unfair.


Untouchable Face

A by Jennifer R Baumer

Angela’s on the run. From Los Angeles. From her husband. From a life she never expected to be living, the one where she abandoned her dreams so her husband could fulfill his. From the black eye her husband gave her, exactly one time. Eleven hours after she leaves home, she finds herself in a tiny Northern Nevada town, staring at the turquoise neon VACANCY / NO VACANCY sign in front of a nondescript…


Usher Falling

A by Sandra Seymour

Tormented souls, violent pasts, and drug addiction. Roderick Usher and his dying sister Madeline have them all. Our hero may not be able to save them, but he’ll sure cook a lot of bacon trying. Usher Falling is an updated, re-imagined version of Edgar Allan Poe’s The fall of the House of Usher… with zombies. Well, technically, just one zombie in this case. It’s part of the WNV3 Zombie Apocalypse