Ebook List

A few of the ebooks available to be bundled

Recumon: Wrath Apidae

A by Michael R.E. Adams

Ilanya Respa arrives for her appointment with destiny, and a game of politics will lay more than one body on the altar. As the candidate to become queen of the bee spirits, she will confront the former queen and her demon-hunting boyfriend one last time. In a world where desires and fears can conjure the ghosts of eels and lambs, Recumon’s literary stories lace into a lyrical web of the paranormal…


Space Tripping with the Shredded Orphans

A by Sonya Rhen

When the Verity Aquinas crash lands on the way to a concert, the Shredded Orphans seismic rock band finds themselves stranded in the middle of the desert. Lix and the rest of the band must find their way back to civilization. The Shredded Orphans are slaves to their job - literally. The galaxy is run by the corporate class and at its head is the Galactic Media Corporation. By night the band plays…


Recumon: Love Muraenidae Electricus

A by Michael R.E. Adams

Abel Carraway falls asleep in class. He dreams of an ocean. In the fathoms, a mysterious girl beseeches two animal spirits for a dance of love and revenge that leads to tragedy in the world of the living. What happens when politics and demons entwine with a young woman’s yearning for revenge? In a world where desires and fears can conjure the ghosts of eels and lambs, Recumon’s literary stories lace…


Driving Miss Crazy

A by Dan Van Oss

Driving Miss Crazy is a sunny and sweet romance perfect for a clean romance bundle. It’s had 19 reviews with a 4.5 star average rating, and has been described as “a skillfully-written, fast-paced romantic comedy”. Other reviewers have noted “Not only does D. J. Van Oss skillfully add humor, he also shows the insecurities faced by each of his characters as he wove a wonderful story-line.” Driving Miss…


The Death of Queen Amazonia

A by Barbara G.Tarn

Being a man in the Queendom of Maadre is tough, especially with the founding Queen, Amazonia. When Smeraldo is called to the Queen’s bed, he doesn’t expect the cruelty awaiting him. Only a foreign merchant can help him to recover from the shock. But Amazonia, who is almost two-hundred years old, is relentless. A Silvery Earth novella for adult readers


First Rays of New Sun

A by Ron Collins

Katazarra is alone. Discarded long ago by her faithless Fae Lord, but bound to Fairyland by the strength of his magic. Now she reads. She studies. She watches the fae as they go about their lives. Then comes Winterfest—Alban Arthan—the festival of rebirth and renewal. And also comes a request. “I need you to take care of James,” her master says, introducing her to his newest toy. Before the night is…



A by Donald J. Bingle

They’re about to save the world; they just don’t want to get caught doing it. Zeke, Milo, and Brandon are struggling to keep their environmental protest group, GreensWord, alive. It impresses chicks and sure beats getting jobs as corporate serfs in the real world. But their chief benefactor, movie star Matthew Barrington, threatens to cut off funding unless they stop global warming before his Malibu…


The Voodoo Project

A by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Rebekah uses her Sight to fight for good. She works for the Voodoo Project, although her work involves psy ops, not voodoo. She fears retirement and a normal life. So she keeps working, going on missions, never knowing when she will face her last mission… Because she can see anyone’s future—except her own. “The climax, when it comes, is clever and satisfying…this paranoid, edgy piece …dances into…


Skating in Time

A by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Mickey never imagined her life would turn out this way. But she learned the hard way that life holds many surprises. Seeking solace on the skating rink, she discovers that life’s changes hold hope for new beginnings—if only she knows where to look. “Rusch is a great storyteller.” —RT Book Reviews


Keeper of the Promise

A by Harvey Stanbrough

The prophets promised a king who would restore justice on Earth. But it’s a tall order, and prophecy can be interpreted in many ways. When the 13th daughter of a 13th daughter meets the 13th son of a 13th son, she is ecstatic. Their union will break the curse that has plagued both their families for generations. But over time the line blurs. Is the child a cursed remnant of a prophecy gone awry?…


Witness To Evil

A by Janet Dawson

Darcy Stefano is seventeen, going on forty. She swiped her mother’s credit card and went to Paris. The Stefanos have more money than sense. So they pay Oakland private eye Jeri Howard to go to the City of Lights and retrieve their errant daughter. Darcy and Jeri come face-to-face with long-ago evil and its modern-day counterpart.


Where Dreams Taste Like Chocolate (sweet)

A by M. L. Buchman

 -a Where Dreams romance story- This “Sweet Version” is the exact same story as the original, with no foul language and the bedroom door—even when there isn’t one—tastefully closed.  Tony Bosco, itinerant chocolatier, has returned to Seattle to work in his cousin’s shop; a legacy from their past. But only when he searches for the heart behind their granddad’s recipes does he begin to discover his…


Sister of the Lionheart

A by WordFire Press

An unforgettable heroine in a novel of the Crusades Joanna is the strong-willed daughter of King Henry of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine.  Close to her brother Richard Lionheart, she grew up at courts in France and England. From jousts to the infamous Courts of Love, from family quarrels to international intrigues, Joanna’s youth was spent in the thick of it all. With her ambition to become a queen,…


Tattooed Teardrops

A by P.D. Workman

Winner of Top Fiction Award, In the Margins Committee, 2016. I don’t plan on getting in any trouble. Tamara had thought that when she got out of juvie, things would be easier. But before long, it seems like her life is spiraling into chaos. If she can’t prove to her probation officer that she is innocent of the allegations against her, she’s going back to prison, and Tamara just can’t let that happen.


The Fate of My Own Future

A by Dayle A. Dermatis

Annalee Sänger: Siren, smartmouth, spy. (Okay, not exactly that last part.) Her mission: Bring in an Oracle, a woman with the power to predict the future. In a busy casino. Dodging security and bad guys who want the Oracle for themselves. Problem: The Oracle has other plans. And Annalee’s magical powers of persuasion need some fine tuning…. The latest installment in a new, not-to-be-missed urban fantasy…