Ebook List

A few of the ebooks available to be bundled


A by Rob Vagle

When her only son is shot while fleeing a robbery, Gladys must come to terms over his “murder” by police. She doesn’t believe her son would resort to robbery and no matter how much she antagonizes her son’s former girlfriend, Gladys faces some uncomfortable truths.  


Heaven Has Eyes

A by Dayle A. Dermatis

Cassie suffers from a chronic disease and hides her sexuality from her family.Feeling alone and adrift in her new home in Southern California, she turns to crafting little white lies—and maybe little white spells.But when her only friend disappears,  Cassie discovers a deeper magic than she ever thought existed…and must choose whether to come clean once and for all.Especially to herself. “Heaven Has…



A by Sabrina Chase

Only one Mage Guardian now defends Aerope from the malevolent plans of Denais and his dreams of conquest and revenge. Ardhuin desperately tries to make the Allied governments see the danger and replace their murdered Guardians, but the long peace dulls any sense of urgency. Her new husband Dominic fears the Allies consider Ardhuin’s phenomenal power sufficient—and in no need of help from their mages….


Raisin Raid

A by Kate Pavelle

Behind the Iron Curtain, raisins are incredibly rare. An 8-year old resorts to a deed of unspeakable pastry molestation of a traditional Christmas bread, vanocka. Humor, family, history, a handful of raisins, and a recipe for you to enjoy! Part of the Cancelled Czech Files series.


Unfreeze a Heart

A by Chrissy Wissler

The children wait excited and anxious to meet Elena, the famous snow queen. The long, long lines. The thunderous noise in the tight-packed throne room. The never-ceasing squeals of delight that shake the crystal icicles. Except for a little girl. Shadows hide behind the glitter of her princess dress. Haunted eyes that desperately need to believe. In magic. A story of dreams and believing, magic and…


Within a Crowded Blade

A by Olivette Devaux

Jared helps his cousin Cooper save Pittsburgh from a rogue node, when something goes terribly wrong - and then he dies. Waking up inside a foggy, Japanese world does not fill him with confidence in afterlife. He hears, and he feels the energy currents that had made his elementalist gift so unique, but Jared cannot see any better than he can speak Japanese. What got him landed in this ethereal world? This…


Night Train

A by Devyn Morgan

Wilbur Claude Lucienne takes the train to a real-job interview after blowing a Cirque du Soleil audition. Esteban “Steve” Ortiz, a retired stunt double, travels by train to get away from his needy employees, hoping to get work done before he hires a desperately-needed assistant. Their chemistry sizzles. Their backgrounds mesh. What happens on the train, stays on the train… But their unexpected meeting…


Naked Gun

A by Kate Pavelle

Hot summer, conscripted soldiers, a chance to go AWOL for a bit of skinny-dipping. A story of soldiers in 1962, Cold War Czechoslovakia. Privates and officers were natural enemies, and any opportunity to score a coup against the brass was weighed against the risk of dire consequences. What’s a bit of fun on the sly, while sticking together and confusing the enemy? This hilarious high tale, inspired…


Redd's Hoodie

A by Karen C. Klein

Redd’s mother has to pick up his sisters from gymnastics. Granny is sick again, and needs another care package. Redd’s mother sends him, with a reminder not to stray from the path and armed with his hoodie, through the border between his suburban home to the Old Woods.


A Prince of the Blood

A by Raymund Eich

A king inclined contrary to nature. A foreign-born queen confined to the palace. A kingdom desperately needing an heir. Two courtiers ask Keladon, retired battlemage and the king’s bastard half-brother, to impregnate the queen. His sense of duty to the kingdom sends him to her bedchamber. But he must do far more to stop a conspiracy of magic and murder threatening the kingdom’s survival­—and the woman…


Hidden Eyes

A by Meyari McFarland

Dust coated Vivian’s lips. Two hours of driving into town with her ex-boyfriend Ash was bad enough. Having him dump her way far away from the loading dock with her fossil was worse.  But she’d made it back to town, gotten her fossil to safety and now she could go relax at home.  If it weren’t for the unicorns playing in her shower.  Vivian wasn’t sure how her life had gotten so surreal but hey, at…


Thanks for Love

A by maggie jaimeson, maggie lynch

Is faith and forgiveness enough to make a family of four survive and thrive?  After Sarah’s horrific ordeal with Amanda, all she wanted was to be in Tom’s arms forever. But her road to rehabilitation is a difficult one, both physically and mentally. She pushes herself hard to return to the Sweetwater Canyon band, to be a good mother to the Davidson boys, and to maintain her faith. When it looks like…


Coming Into Being

A by Linda Jordan

A plague of magic has the world in its grips. The newly magicked roam the streets, taking no prisoners. What can she, one of the Talentless do to help bring order to the chaos before her world is no more? Nightfall and Darkness may just have the answer. Who are your real friends?



A by Russ Crossley

PI Jazz Stiletto returns after the events of A Day Without Sunshine. He travels under the nom de plume, Allan Harper, a wandering man for hire. A friend asks to help the owner of the Skull Inn on the coast of Massachusetts. Jazz accepts. A guy’s gotta eat. He soon discovers dark secrets, and bloody murder. Skullduggery abounds in this new mystery by the author of the Razor and Edge mysteries.


One-Way Ticket to Midnight

A by Gary Jonas

The killings have started again…   …and the police are looking for a regular killer. Down-and-out bluesman Roy Porter has been living on the streets of Tulsa for years, and he’s seen the pattern of death before. This is no ordinary killer, but a supernatural threat, and Roy knows odds are he’s the next victim. Roy’s only hope is to recruit an aging biker named Jim with a haunted past and blood on his…