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A few of the ebooks available to be bundled

Goddess of War: Jessica Keller Chronicles #4

A by Blaze Ward

Jessica faces her most intimidating, most intriguing invitation: Dinner with the president of the Republic of Aquitaine.The Presidential Palace lives up to its name, along with the stellar company invited for private dinner. All women of the highest rank.Of course the Fribourg Empire would dismiss such a gathering, never believing the audacious plan these women have hatched…”Goddess of War”—the fourth…


Tales from Ancient and Future Times

A by Kate MacLeod

“Tales from Ancient and Future Times” collects five stories from fantasy and science fiction writer Kate MacLeod: the science fiction story “Taren and Keui”, tale of two alien beings finding a way out of a zero sum game; the dark fantasy tale “The Story for the Letters”, about a little girl and an ancient evil; the science fiction story “AI: Aesir Intelligence”, where the sole survivor of a shuttle…



A by Rob Vagle

When her only son is shot while fleeing a robbery, Gladys must come to terms over his “murder” by police. She doesn’t believe her son would resort to robbery and no matter how much she antagonizes her son’s former girlfriend, Gladys faces some uncomfortable truths.  


Murder With Altitude

A by Sue Star

A morning training run cleanses the mind and invigorates the spirit.  Unless the training run involves finding a dead body and becoming the prime suspect for the police.  Again. For Nell Letterly it also means dealing with powerful, established families that want to ruin your life, a lawyer on a rampage and a developer who wants to own all of Boulder.  By the way, your father is losing it, your daughter…


Three Sisters

A by Rita Schulz

Rebecca’s Aunts suspicious death creates many unanswered questions. Now managing the large fortune was up to her. But did someone murder her Aunt? Would they kill again? Has the love of money driven someone in the family to act?She would have to find out quickly or everything could fall into the wrong hands.



A by Eric Kent Edstrom

In the realm of Starside the people are preparing for a night of celebration and revelry. For Wen and Kila, their Winternight’s feast depends on their thieving skills. But when Wen is framed for murder, the festive night takes a dark turn. Only the aid of a mysterious little man called Sazeenie will they ever see each other again.


Forever Starts Today

A by Anne Lange

Love doesn’t last, not even in Forever.  Sadie has been disappointed time and again, and gives no credence to the myth she’ll one day find her true love. Her small hometown offers little in the way of opportunity, excitement, or anonymity, but guilt and resentment keep her Forever bound.  Asher craves distance from the city and the business his father insists he join. He’s hoping the quaint town of…


The Grey Forest

A by Maureen Ann Griswold

Yes, traveler, you’ve discovered  The Grey Forest You’ve arrived at a crosspoint: a collection of short stories from a parallel terrain of shadow and light, of illusion and truth, of mystery and revelation.  * a Tibetan mandala services the enigmatic, reclusive, son of a Silicon Valley magnate. * mysterious mental imagery spontaneously appears to young Army nurse. * a unique U.S. mass shooting…


Ruby's Imagine

A by Kim Antieau

A butterfly the color of my name did tell me that a Big Spin was coming our way. I was standing by Mr. Grant’s wisteria, which hung over his fence and down into our yard, when Ruby Butterfly, this jeweled metamorphosis of a cattypillar, landed on a bright green wisteria leaf like some kind of winged oracle and looked straight at me; we exchanged glances, you know the way liked-minded and soul-bodied…


Getting Higher

A by Robert Jeschonek

Joe the small-town pot dealer is down on his luck. Broke, evicted, and framed for a rip-off he didn’t commit, he loses everything, from his precious stash to his jerk of a best friend. It’s time to turn over a new leaf or get smoked. But can Joe clean up his act, get a job, and keep a girlfriend without falling back into his old habits? Can he replace getting high with getting a…


Another Girl, Another Planet

A by Lou Antonelli

Dave Shuster has been confronted by secret government agents over a photo taken by a Mars lander of a graveyard complete with crosses on Mars. Shuster claims that – in an alternate timeline – he was a low-level bureaucrat in the administration of a joint U.S. – Soviet Mars colony when he was caught up in a murder mystery involving the illegal use of robot technology. In that timeline, the Cold War…


Hold That Pose

Hold That Pose

A by Devyn Morgan

Suave, well-traveled, and French, 22 year old Etienne Devaux transferred to Rochester Institute of Technology for his last two years as a photography major. Even though he had traveled the world with his diplomat father and artist mother, the US is the first place where he feels truly at home. As a junior, he expected a private room; he’s none too pleased to be stuck with a jock wrestler of a roommate. John…

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Bound by Convention

A by Gail Roarke

After defeating an obsessed opponent with some decidedly kinky plans for her, Leah Wright—Iron Maiden—finds herself intrigued by the idea of bondage. She’s been in charge all her life and giving up control even for an evening sounds heavenly. Problem is, when you’re as strong as Leah, who can possibly restrain you? But Leah has underestimated fellow hero—and lover—Victor Kruger. He knows just…


Millennium Babies

A by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

From the moment of her birth, Brooke Cross was a loser.  Conceived to win a First Baby of the Millennium contest, Brooke came five minutes late.  Her mother never let her forget it.  So Brooke, estranged from her mother, became a history professor and tries to live in obscurity.  Until Professor Eldon Franke recruits her for a study of Millennium Babies, a study that will change her life.  Winner of…


The Cartoonist

A by Sean Costello

Imagine this: You and two of your best friends have just been accepted into medical school, a coveted payoff after years of hard work and self-sacrifice. So you go on a road trip together, have a few drinks, a final fling before the long academic haul ahead. Young and bright, you feel the future surge beneath you like a sleek stallion, under your full control. But a series of small lapses…