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A few of the ebooks available to be bundled

SMTG - Iso-bel Aya Shermac

A by Barbara G.Tarn

There are places, no matter how alien, where you immediately feel at home. And there are places where you’ll never feel at home, no matter how familiar they look or can become. Iso-bel Aya Shermac is Shan-leo’s daughter, a Sire telepath who grows from rainbow-haired teen visiting Earth of year 2046 to a Sylvanian Accademy graduate who can fight like a man. Probably the start of a new sub-series…


The Family

A by Donte M Mcneal

All Leone wanted to do was help others, but violence refuses to let him.Levana is home to countless gangs, but there are two that hold the most power: The Family and The Brotherhood. Headed by Leone King, The Family was created to unite fractured communities, but it spawns the creation of The Brotherhood, the cruelest gang the country has ever seen. Headed by Nicholas Black, The Brotherhood do what…


Anyone Can Get An A+

A by Geetanjali Mukherjee

Do you wish you could get better grades? Do you struggle with certain subjects and believe that maybe you’re not cut out for them? Do you want to spend less time studying and still get good grades? Anyone Can Get An A+ is a conversational, down-to-earth guide for high school and college students on how to maximize their learning and get the grades they want. This book draws on research from the…


They Both Hold the Truth

A by M. L. Buchman

-an Oregon Firebirds romance story- The Oregon Firebirds are the very best at one thing—saving homes. Finding their own poses problems.  Ty Franks works as handyman for the Firebirds. But all summer he lives a lie. When he rescues smokejumper Mallory Kerr he must choose between his hidden truth and future happiness.  Mallory lost friends and alienated family because she knows what she is meant to…


Blood Ties

A by Quincy J. Allen

Clockwork Gunslingers • Chinese Assassins • A World of Magic When assassins jump half-clockwork gunslinger Jake Lasater, he knows the Chinese Tong wants to finally settle an old score. Unfortunately, Jake has no idea the Tong is just the first milepost on the path toward a destiny that he refuses to believe in. With his riding partner Cole McJunkins in tow and his ward Skeeter secretly hidden away,…


Star Minds - the Trilogy

Star Minds - the Trilogy

A by Barbara G.Tarn

“Technological Angel” (book 1) Heartbreak is an eye-opener. When Kol-ian is rejected by his beloved “angel”, he finds refuge on low-tech Earth. Until he feels the need to get back into the galaxy loop to explore the rogues’ world. Cyborgs, shape-shifters, merciless telepaths and two earthlings lost in the Milky Way, learning to deal with aliens long before the rest of the blue planet. “Mind…

$9.99 available in a bundle

Carrion Crow

A by Leah Cutter

Caitlin considers herself a carrion crow—living off the bones of the dead who have been left to drift in space at the end of the ugly war with the Allied Worlds. But many old warriors consider her work sacrilegious: they believe the dead should be buried on the planet they died above, their bodies left to rot in the earth, not returned home to their families. Caitlin knows the immense value of this…


Business for Breakfast, Volume 7

A by Blaze Ward

You’ve learned how to use the Seven Point Plot Structure to tell a good story. However, a good writer needs more tools in her toolbox. Understanding the three act dramatic structure can give you a new way to build stories. Expanding to four acts, five, or even two, greatly enhances your repertoire.  Come explore the way we write for the stage as a method for increasing your skillset and becoming a…



A by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The kids at school call Wilhelmina “Cry-Baby Witch.” Kinda true. At least about the witch part. But they don’t know that, and Willi still struggles to control her magic.  So, when she gets caught using her magic to help one of the animals in Mrs. Anderson’s room, Willi fears the worst. Because creepy Craig Maddson now knows Willi’s secret. She knows he plans to tell on her. But she has no idea how…


The Nora Dockson Trilogy * Help Me Nora * Right the Wrong * Hear My Plea

A by Diana Deverell

Three full-length thrillers in one ebook—get them all for a savings of more than fifty percent! Nora Dockson is an ex-con who pulled herself out of the gutter and became an appeals attorney. Nora works only for convicted felons, rescuing innocents trapped by the flawed process that put them behind bars. Join Nora for three legal battles that take place in the span of a single landmark year of her life.


The Fight

A by Harvey Stanbrough

What are the consequences of a fight gone wrong? As you’re queued up in line waiting for your pay, you have time to consider that. The other guy’s still lying on the floor.Nobody seems to notice. Even the boss.Finally, when the others are paid and gone and it’s just you and the boss, you understand.


Deviant-Hunter's Sabbath

A by Harambee K. Grey-Sun

Frank Sanders has spilled a lot of blood over the years. He is neither proud nor apologetic. The human population is under assault, engaged in a near-invisible war of which few are even aware. As a single father raising a young daughter in a world where viral terrorists with supernatural abilities are ascendant, he has had no choice but to make sacrifices—anything and everything to make the world a…


Beyond the Mirror, Volume 6: Alternate Worlds

A by Blaze Ward

Come with us as we explore Alternate Worlds, places where Science and Fiction intersect.  See how the past could have changed, how the present might be greater than you imagine, or how different futures could unfold.  Return to the Dieselpunk pulp era to use mad science to fight the Nazis. Explore space with a psionic ant nest. Ride with the Park Rangers in a post-apocalyptic wilderness. Discover historic…


Upon the Lonesome Wild

A by Kate MacLeod

They travelled for generations to reach this planet, to turn it into a bread basket for the universe. Rich soil, abundant sun and rain, a perfect site for agricultural colonization. But nothing grows, and no one knows why. A generation raised to become the forefathers of millions now ages alone, their children forced to move on to better prospects. Enid’s husband thinks she imagines things, things…


The Sodden Spectators

A by Joslyn Chase

These stories appear in the short story collection, What Leads A Man To Murder.  A classic mystery in Agatha Christie style. A story of kidnapping gone wrong…or maybe right. A tale of superstition and treasure, tempered by a dead cat. Prize-winning author, Joslyn Chase, delivers on three delightful stories.  The Sodden Spectators  Mystery novelist Cathryn Harcourt never met a mystery she couldn’t solve…in…