Ebook List

A few of the ebooks available to be bundled

Healing Notes

A by Maggie Jaimeson, Maggie Lynch

Forgiving yourself is the first step, but helping others forgive may be just too hard. Each note Rachel Cullen plays on her violin comes straight from the heart. But life isn’t easy. A Scottish immigrant to America, she embraced the Celtic and Bluegrass communities. Unfortunately, divorce, rape and distrust leave her emotionally crippled. Can Noel Karshaw, an English teacher and poet with a young…


Soul Harvest

A by Linda Jordan

Trixie waits tables in a diner on the Idaho border. Her customers range from liberal hippies to more conservative than she can believe. With her sister in hospice care and Trixie about to gain custody of her niece and nephew, the local Born Agains infuriate her with their meanness. Then things change completely. Karma happens. A breathtakingly original first contact story.



A by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Mae, chief linguist on the Ivoire, heads a diplomatic mission to Ukhanda. Her handling of relations with the Quurzod lead to a battle that causes the Ivoire’s anacapa drive to malfunction, stranding the ship in foldspace. Mae can’t remember what she did wrong on the mission: all she knows is that she’s one of the few survivors. If she doesn’t recall it, she won’t be able to prevent another disaster…


The Quinn Larson Quests

A by Perry A Wilson

When a fairy commits murder, it sets Quinn on a quest that takes everything from him… The magical world of Vancouver is torn apart by betrayal, greed, secrets, and prophecies. A place where Wizards, Druids, and Fae battle for control of the magical world. IMPERATIVE A sidhe plot will expose the fae to the violent humans. Can Quinn avoid war? A death in a dark alley. A mysterious bargain between a fairy…


To Dare A Future

A by Baby Ice Dog Press

A van driver with abduction and murder on his mind. An eleven-year-old girl snatched on her way home from ballet. A tortured reporter, happy to use her death and the terrifying reign of a child killer to help make his name…”Don’t let the rather bland title put you off – this second novel by Dave Franklin is an impressive pacey read, spiced with ethical dilemmas as well as his earthy dialogue and humour.”…


Nice Man Jack

A by Baby Ice Dog Press

Inspired by the epic John Miles song, Dave Franklin’s 31,000-word novella follows a well-respected gentleman as he takes to the streets of Whitechapel.


Manic Streets of Perth

A by Baby Ice Dog Press

Perth. It’s thousands of miles from anywhere, it’s got a rubbish Bell Tower and not enough of the laidback locals are being eaten by sharks. Well, that’s what expat reporter Paul Lewis thinks, but after a lonely Manic Street Preachers fan reveals her disastrously unlucky life suddenly nothing’s the same…Manic Streets of Perth – Where a snake-wielding robber is just the start of your troubles.Gentler…


I Rise into a Daybreak

A by Kate MacLeod

When a cosmic monstrosity swallowed the Earth, the survivors fled to hide among the stars. The scars on Kara’s mind linger from infancy to adolescence. The monster follows them wherever they go. Kara knows this whatever the others say. Then Kara and her family crash land near an empty mining town on an abandoned world. The pilot utters not a word, lost speechless in a terror Kara knows all too well. No…


Opera Fin

A by Gerald Weinberg

Silbert and Gullivan are composers of space operas. They live in space, in our future, on flying saucers. They are trying to understand our time on Earth, when people lived in Unidentified Grounded Objects (UGOs). They hope to write an opera about us.


The Lotus and the Barley

A by Anthony St. Clair

In a rebuilt London, trouble is brewing. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000; min-height: 14.0px} span.s1 {font-kerning: none} In a world where a bottle of stout can change destinies, all Branwen Porter and her sister Zara…


Greater Than The Gods Intended

A by Blaze Ward

Youngest Brother holds the greatest treasure of his clan: an icon cast of unknown material, bearing words none can read. His quest? Seeking vengeance on those who massacred his family. But for that, he needs a wizard. Even if those with magic have no scales and come from that strangest of races: humans. Greater Than The Gods Intended follows Youngest Brother on his quest across a strangely alien…



A by Russ Crossley

On a hot southern night, Will Aston, vice president of sales for Steven Lamps can’t sleep. Somewhere a tap drips and it’s driving him nuts. What Will doesn’t know a cunning killer plots to remove him from his job permanently. A tale where the cure for insomnia is deadly


A Gift for Murder

A by Karen McCullough

For fifty-one weeks of the year, Heather McNeil loves her job as assistant to the director of the Washington, D.C. Commerce & Market Show Center. But the Gifts and Home Decorations trade show, the biggest show of the year at the center, is a week-long nightmare. This year’s version is being worse than usual. Misplaced shipments, feuding exhibitors, and malfunctioning popcorn machines are all in a day’s…



A by Kate MacLeod

Enid, the baker’s daughter, married a lord. All thanks to a very special cake recipe. Now a widow, she lives alone with her grown son. She runs his household with all the skill she learned as a baker’s daughter combined with the grace she learned as a noble lady. She loves it, but nothing lives forever, not even talented mothers who bake special cakes.  Her son needs a wife. And the errant king arrives…


The Imperfect Otter Empire

A by Dayle A. Dermatis

Alyse lost her job and her fiancé in one fell swoop. Her solace? Her weekly visit to the Santa Barbara Zoo’s Asian small-clawed otter exhibit.  Then she meets zoo employee Matt, who shows her something special about the otters—and herself. Recycled Pulp editor John Helfers calls this story “a kooky little palate cleanser.” “The Imperfect Otter Empire” originally appeared in Recycled Pulp (Fiction…