Ebook List

A few of the ebooks available to be bundled

MIB Files: Time Loops - Tales of the Men In Black

A by David Sloma

Al had the feeling from a young age that someone was watching him, but who, or what that was, he didn’t know. Until now. And the answer was not at all what he expected. The MIB FILES are stories of the paranormal, strange things, and UFO sightings with one thing in common: interactions with the Men In Black (MIB). These stories are stand-alone and can be read in any order.



A by Russ Crossley

Star pilot Arnie Halstron and his co-pilot, Vince, are assigned what at first seems a deep space mission. Their assignment: to deliver supplies and a team of scientists to a the newly discovered planet called Lexicon. As events spiral into danger Arnie realizes a hidden enemy is conspiring to murder him and his cargo before they can succeed.


The Death of Queen Amazonia

A by Barbara G.Tarn

Being a man in the Queendom of Maadre is tough, especially with the founding Queen, Amazonia. When Smeraldo is called to the Queen’s bed, he doesn’t expect the cruelty awaiting him. Only a foreign merchant can help him to recover from the shock. But Amazonia, who is almost two-hundred years old, is relentless. A Silvery Earth novella for adult readers


The Wicked Hot Wizard of Oz

A by Mark Pace

Over the rainbow. Waaaay over… Farm boy Donny Windham has two big problems: he’s in the closet; and he’s in love with his straight best friend! His solution? Run away from home to someplace he’s not the only gay guy in a two hundred mile radius of his family’s Kansas farm. Before he can leave, a tornado transports Donny and his little dog Toto to the magical Land of Oz where they encounter Lions…


The Apple of Their Eyes (Juliette Harbinger, Vol. 1)

A by Michael R.E. Adams

Juliette Harbinger returns home after four years of magical training. She is reunited with her estranged father and prepares for a life of small town monotony. However, a corpse is discovered, forcing her to question the man who provided for her. Can she find answers when entangled in the affections of two brothers who hold the key?


First Time with the Gay Vampire

A by Mark Pace

Eternal love or the final nail in the coffin… Drew Carlton is a 25 year old athletic hunk who doesn’t know how good-looking he really is. He’s waited a long time for the special night when he enters Club Fangtasy, nervous about his first time with a man. Especially a man who also happens to be a vampire. Ben Wilhelm won’t reveal his age. (Isn’t it rude to ask a vampire how old he is?) Ben’s not looking…


Make it Seen

A by Tamar Sloan

He’s just there…but she’s not the one that needs to notice him.  I’ve been Summer’s companion and self-appointed protector our whole life. I’m limited by my substanceless body, but I do what I can because I get it. I understand the fear. I understand the need to escape into the rectangle that never seems to leave her hand.  She hasn’t noticed me since we were children, we used to play for hours. But…


The Parrot of Doom

A by Russ Crossley

A Razor and Edge Mystery. Razor discovers his partner, Morton Edge, has accepted a case to hide a key witness to a murder at their headquarters (Edge’s parents basement). And he is none too happy about it. Especially when the witness is a wise ass talking parrot.   Sometimes having a partner in the private investigator business has its unique challenges.


Greater Than The Gods Intended

A by Blaze Ward

Youngest Brother holds the greatest treasure of his clan: an icon cast of unknown material, bearing words none can read. His quest? Seeking vengeance on those who massacred his family. But for that, he needs a wizard. Even if those with magic have no scales and come from that strangest of races: humans. Greater Than The Gods Intended follows Youngest Brother on his quest across a strangely alien…


Lonely Planet

A by Linda Maye Adams

Hope Delgado specializes in alien ghosts in space.  But life on a military spaceship is a challenge for the civilian expert.  Even her workouts at the gym come under scrutiny by the ship’s skipper.  She thinks that’s the worst to happen to her until she spots the ghost spaceship outside.  The problem is everyone else can see it, too, and it’s a deadly reason why …


The Voodoo Project

A by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Rebekah uses her Sight to fight for good. She works for the Voodoo Project, although her work involves psy ops, not voodoo. She fears retirement and a normal life. So she keeps working, going on missions, never knowing when she will face her last mission… Because she can see anyone’s future—except her own. “The climax, when it comes, is clever and satisfying…this paranoid, edgy piece …dances into…



A by Russ Crossley

On a hot southern night, Will Aston, vice president of sales for Steven Lamps can’t sleep. Somewhere a tap drips and it’s driving him nuts. What Will doesn’t know a cunning killer plots to remove him from his job permanently. A tale where the cure for insomnia is deadly


The Heart of Texas

A by RJ Scott

Riley Hayes, the playboy of the Hayes family, is a young man who seems to have it all: money, a career he loves, and his pick of beautiful women. His father, CEO of HayesOil, passes control of the corporation to his two sons; but a stipulation is attached to Riley’s portion. Concerned about Riley’s lack of maturity, his father requires that Riley ‘marry and stay married for one year to someone he loves’.Angered…


Lust for the Vampire

A by Matthew W. Grant

Eternal love or the final nail in the coffin… Colleen Dawson doesn’t know how beautiful she really is.  She’s waited a long time for the special night when she enters Club Fangtasy, nervous about her first time.  Especially with a man who happens to be a vampire. Ben Wilhelm won’t reveal his age.  (Isn’t it rude to ask a vampire how old he is?)  Ben’s not looking for love; he’s just looking for a…


The Imperfect Otter Empire

A by Dayle A. Dermatis

Alyse lost her job and her fiancé in one fell swoop. Her solace? Her weekly visit to the Santa Barbara Zoo’s Asian small-clawed otter exhibit.  Then she meets zoo employee Matt, who shows her something special about the otters—and herself. Recycled Pulp editor John Helfers calls this story “a kooky little palate cleanser.” “The Imperfect Otter Empire” originally appeared in Recycled Pulp (Fiction…