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Crystal Doors: Island Realm

A by Rebecca Moesta and Kevin J. Anderson

Fourteen-year-old cousins Gwen and Vic have lived together ever since the mysterious deaths of Gwen’s parents and disappearance of Vic’s mother—until Vic’s scientist father accidentally transports them through a magical doorway to the island of Elantya, a wonder-filled place of magic as well as steampunk technology. Vic and Gwen are soon caught in a tempest of ancient magic, bizarre gadgets, vicious…


Hidden in Myth

A by Chrissy Wissler

A descendant from a long lost race of elves, Kate Silver knows all about being different. Just not so much about the magic part. Or her powers. Or… controlling it. No choice, but to learn— Before the forest, and the magic, wakes up. The continuing story of Kate Silver as she learns about herself, her magic, and her place in the unfolding mystery surrounding her elven heritage. This collection includes…


All or Nothing

A by Chrissy Wissler

In high school softball, competition remains fierce and cutthroat and never-ending. Every year girls across the country swing harder, pitch faster. All competing for only a handful of college scholarships. Few succeed. But a few find a new dream… Theirs. These ten stories in Chrissy Wissler’s popular Little League Series, follows ten young women. Each find the courage to walk a new path, to stand…


Batter Up, Pucker Up

A by Chrissy Wissler

For many young women, high school softball opens doors to a greater future. College, scholarships, professional sports. The dream for so many… But not for all. From overbearing fathers to the big college decision, each story in this collection focuses on the heart, and the courage needed to follow your dreams. And just maybe, a spark of romance along the way. Included are “Prom Dates & Softball Bats,”…


First Encounter

A by Connie Cockrell

It took a month of hard travel to find their first survivor community. After a cool welcome and a meager feast, Alyssa and Kyra find that the community has very restrictive roles they expect women to take. Imprisoned and starved, a young woman befriends them at great risk to herself. When the woman tells them the men of the community are bidding on Kyra to take to wife, they form a plan to escape….


A New Start

A by Connie Cockrell

Gulliver Station is brand new and being populated primarily with Old Earth Irish.  Fergus Boylan, the Provisional Station Manager, wants to leave the old, corrupt Ireland behind and make station life fair for all of its residents.  Conway Gillespie sees a chance to start his own crime family and rule the station like his old boss on Earth.  The new residents want a fresh start, free from corruption…


Usher Falling

A by Sandra Seymour

Tormented souls, violent pasts, and drug addiction. Roderick Usher and his dying sister Madeline have them all. Our hero may not be able to save them, but he’ll sure cook a lot of bacon trying. Usher Falling is an updated, re-imagined version of Edgar Allan Poe’s The fall of the House of Usher… with zombies. Well, technically, just one zombie in this case. It’s part of the WNV3 Zombie Apocalypse


Oracle, Clockwork Heart Tale No. 3

Oracle, Clockwork Heart Tale No. 3

A by Leslie Claire Walker

Love. Sorcery. Freedom.To save the people she loves, Erynn consented to carry within herself the soul of the cruel man who once enslaved them—Sebastian, London’s criminal mastermind and soul-dealing sorcerer. Day by day, she wonders whether she will become as evil as he was—and whether her friends will be forced to kill her to keep that evil from destroying them all.Now, Sebastian’s restless soul wakes…

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Communication Breakdown

A by Dayle A. Dermatis

Former Hollywood party girl Nikki Ashburne sees ghosts—in fact, many of them are her friends. Okay, they’re kind of her only friends. So when the ghost of a 70s British rock god asks her for help finding a song he wrote for his favorite groupie…well, c’mon. What’s a girl to do but say yes? Only one problem: Nikki’s rift with her musician brother, Ned, over the spectral secret she’s been keeping from…



A by P.D. Workman

Chloe had always been the perfect daughter. Diligent, obedient, good at caring for the other children when Mom wasn’t home. She always worked hard and did everything she was asked. But she couldn’t please her mother and the parade of stepfathers. It seemed like the harder she tried, the worse the abuse got. Chloe had known for a long time that she was two people. The Chloe who watched and the Chloe…


Mirror Image

A by Russ Crossley

In this first short novel we meet the private detectives, Razor and Edge. A murder of a new neighbour propels them into a web of lies and deception that will challenge the budding new crime solving team to the limit.  Meet Razor and Edge, the Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin of the 21st Century. They solve crime so you don’t have to.


Recumon: Love Ardeidae

A by Michael R.E. Adams

A mysterious flower sprouts in a paradise of superstition. Abel Carraway investigates this prophesied harbinger of doom and realizes there is a scheme underneath the exotic politics. He will discover an unexpected connection to his friend, Carmine Lassiter. An act of horrifying violence will force them both to face their greatest mystery, their own natures. If they don’t find an answer, a divine power…


MIB Files: Movie Time - Tales of the Men In Black

A by David Sloma

In this episode of the MIB Files, Mr. Unknown relates the following tale: Johnny Starr, up-and-coming director was making a new movie on UFOs. The script was by a writer who claimed the story was mostly real, with some “approved” changes by mysterious sources. Johnny didn’t believe this, until he started seeing the Men In Black. These stories are stand-alone and can be read in any order.



A by Mark Gillespie

The Revolution Will Be Televised, Retweeted And LikedAugust 2011The London riots, coordinated by technology and social media, have brought the city to its knees.Buildings are burning. Shops are being looted. Homes and businesses are destroyed.Two alternative leaders have emerged in an online battle for the future soul of London.Chester George - a masked man whose real identity is unknown, uses YouTube,…


The Aging Gap Between Species

A by Anca Ioviţă

Aging is a puzzle to solve. This process is traditionally studied in a couple of biological models like fruit flies, worms and mice. What all these species have in common is their fast aging. This is excellent for lab budgets. It is a great short-term strategy. Who has time to study species that live for decades? But lifespan differences among species are magnitudes of order larger than…