Ebook List

A few of the ebooks available to be bundled

The City of the Ladies

A by Meyari McFarland

Anwyn hated Delbhana Siobhan. The worst thing she could imagine was spending time with her.   So going to the Delbhana’s big party in their new park on the river was a horrible, no-good idea that she didn’t get to veto.   Even with pastries and her twin brother Cadfael at her side, Anwyn didn’t know if she could keep from punching Siobhan right in the nose.   Or escape getting punched, either.


Tales of Weird Fantasy

A by Russ Crossley

In this collection of stories you will discover magical swords with unfathomable power, ghosts, the future of crime, an alternate universe where the royalty of Europe’s power never waned until the 21st century, and meet the children of fictions most iconic monster. These tales are as diverse as they are weird.


The Casey Collins Trilogy * 12 Drummers Drumming * Night on Fire * East Past Warsaw

A by Diana Deverell

Three full-length thrillers in one ebook—get them all for a savings of more than fifty percent! This trilogy features Casey Collins, a State Department specialist in the war on terror. Join Casey on a twisting ride through post-Cold War Europe as she’s drawn off her desk job and into action not once—but three times.12 Drummers Drumming “will keep you on your toes … with a polish and…


Teacher of the Century

A by Robert Jeschonek

The blackboard jungle has become a hell on Earth. Welcome to the school of tomorrow, a futuristic nightmare of high-tech savagery. Tribes of genetically and cybernetically enhanced students rule the classroom. Weaponized parental A.I. drones terrorize teachers. One teacher stands alone against the insanity, but her old-school ways might be the death of her. Will she sacrifice everything …


Witches Cauldron

A by Lori M Taylor

It was a bad time for the little girl to be wondering alone at night…The witches were brewing something special that night and all they needed was a couple drops of a little girl’s blood to complete their potion. Read this short story tonight to give yourself a nice fright.


Hidden Eyes

A by Meyari McFarland

Dust coated Vivian’s lips. Two hours of driving into town with her ex-boyfriend Ash was bad enough. Having him dump her way far away from the loading dock with her fossil was worse.  But she’d made it back to town, gotten her fossil to safety and now she could go relax at home.  If it weren’t for the unicorns playing in her shower.  Vivian wasn’t sure how her life had gotten so surreal but hey, at…


Axelle, Wanderer

A by Barbara G.Tarn

Mixed-blood Axelle finishes her education among Humans and heads for Centropolis, once upon a time the capital of the Varian Empire. Her family reaches it when the king dies and his son sits on the throne announcing he’ll resurrect the Empire. Along with her brother Raoul, she embarks on an adventure of rebellion, donning male clothes and a sword, and learning her magic away from her long-lived, magical…


Knee-high Lies

A by Dawn Ford

What happens when the lies you tell grow so high you can’t see the truth?   To the outside world Avery Denton’s life looks happy, normal even. But it isn’t. Not even close. She believes nothing can make it worse. When her mother skips town with their banker, the small-town gossips focus on her.   Jaxson Stewart, Avery’s neighbor and friend, has had a crush on her for years. She makes his heart race,…


Cinderella Scandal

A by Nicole Austin

It was a one time indulgence—a random encounter between strangers. A good girls dirty little secret with the bad boy. Anything else is forbidden. Or is it?


The Spirit Child

A by Alison Naomi Holt

You are invited to enter Ar’rothi, a world as vividly realized as Narnia or Middle Earth, a world where animal spirits guide humans towards enlightenment, and in which an orphaned girl and a warrior duchess must join forces against an evil that threatens everything they have learned to love. Bree is a duchess and a warrior: independent, prickly and strong.  As a former commander in the elite Huntington’s…


The Dancing Dead

A by Robert Jeschonek

Dance or die! That’s the choice faced by victims of the Dance/Drop plague raging through the United States of tomorrow. Everyone in the nation dances nonstop, knowing all the while that as soon as they quit moving, they will die an agonizing and senseless death. What triggered this nightmarish marathon remains unknown…at least until Laurette, a dancer with a dark past, is swept to the West Coast…


Something Borrowed, Something Doomed

A by Robert Jeschonek

The wildshiners of Best Virginia make bioengineering seem like magic, whipping up incredible hybrid creatures like rhinoporcupines and exotic environments straight out of a fairy tale. But the genebillies of the prank-loving Dozen family take it too far when they start out wrecking a wedding and end up bringing on the apocalypse. “Till death do us part” will come a lot sooner than expected—for the…


Suction Cups

A by Harvey Stanbrough

Detective Distraeli Jones is alone in the lobby of a swank hotel. Sitting on the floor. Leaning back against the wall.Behind him is a blood smear.He has to get out.


Death of a Muse

A by Joslyn Chase

One cat dead. One man soon to follow, unless he can catch her killer. For an audio sample of this book, visit David Peeler, a sculptor poised for a brilliant career and an equally anticipated marriage, loses it all at the point of a knife.  In a last-ditch effort to find a gleam of his former sparkle, David attends an artist retreat where…


Burn Card

A by Dean Wesley Smith

Retired Las Vegas Detectives Debra Pickett and Sarge Carson think the solution to a very old cold case came easy. Turns out, a little too easy. And the deeper they dig into the old case, the more they uncover a very ugly side of humanity. And bodies. More and more bodies. Another very, very twisted Cold Poker Gang mystery novel.