Ebook List

A few of the ebooks available to be bundled

My Little I

A by Ann Stratton

A collection of short stories from the first person that includes peeing on one’s own tires, tracking down an annoying chirp, playing a child’s game for the fate of the world, a fascinating encounter by the river, an extraordinary customer, a late night visit, a guilty conscience, a college trip, a human encounter of the nonhuman kind, and the end of summer. Come and see what I’ve been up to!


Spoiled Harvest

A by Leah Cutter

Cassie cannot turn away her most recent client. She needs the money. Though honestly, trying to find the woman’s damned cat turns her stomach. But the client also carries a rose with her. It represents…something. Something destructive. Something apocalyptic. Something Cassie can’t defend herself from. Not even with sarcasm. “Spoiled Harvest”—the third novel in this fast-paced urban fantasy series—pits…


Veiled Alliances

A by Kevin J. Anderson

It is a time of great beginnings. Set a century before the grand events of the Saga of Seven Suns, Veiled Alliances chronicles the origin of the green priests on Theroc, the first Roamer skymining operations on a gas-giant planet, the discovery of the Klikiss robots entombed in an abandoned alien city, the initial Ildiran expedition to Earth, the rescue of…


A Lasting Cure for Magic

A by Michael Jasper

Contagious magic: good luck trying to find a cure… Two minutes after the shocking end to A Wild Epidemic of Magic, this third book in the series finds Kelley and Jeroan stranded in Dubuque, Iowa, after losing their parents—and all the Sorcerers they met in the past two months—to the vengeful Druid. Apparently, the Druid did not enjoy his 200-year banishment. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the…


In Flight

A by Andrea Dale

When you’ve been screwed by an ex, it’s hard to trust again. It takes a red-tailed hawk named Rudy and a sexy falconer named Pam to teach a broken woman how to respect herself and love again.  A spicy-sweet lesbian love story by a legendary erotica heavy-hitter.  “Andrea Dale’s ‘In Flight’ has metaphorical power.” (Seattle Gay News)  “In Flight” originally appeared in Best Lesbian Love Stories: Summer…


Pawprints in the Snow

A by Dara Girard

Paul Gibbons didn’t like cats. But the skinny cat on his doorstep looked near death and its haunting green eyes pleaded for his help. He wanted to turn away. He needed to protect his secret. However, he couldn’t look away and let the cat in. A decision that could cost him his life or be his salvation. A fantasy story about facing one’s destiny.


Ending Fatigue: When Waking Up is Hard to Do

A by Mary C. Blowers

Know that there is hope for crushing fatigue. I understand because I have been there. I used to have to “ration” my energy. If I spent a day at the beach, the sun and heat would so exhaust me that I couldn’t leave the house the next day. While working full time I was in tears by Wednesday because I just didn’t think I could keep getting up and getting going every morning. Now at last I have enough…


Cherry Blossoms

A by Devyn Morgan

Julian, formerly from Texas, works as a programmer in Alexandria, VA. The proximity of Washington, DC provides him with both clients and nighttime entertainment. He loves his family, he’s thrilled with his job. If it wasn’t for his crippling fear of heights, his life would be perfect. Cade bought a small riding stable outside of town. A training accident landed him with broken ribs, which leads to…


Bonaventure and Clyde

A by Devyn Morgan

NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK! Handsome cowboy, meet ravishing ballet dancer. Hunky cowboy Clyde Walker grew up on a horse ranch working side by side with the rough and tough men that ran the place. When Clyde moved east for grad school, he didn’t expect to find romance with the type of guy more comfortable in tights and ballet slippers than in jeans and workboots. Bonaventure “Bonnie” Rinaldi is jaded…



A by Brigid Collins

What’s a girl to do when her duties as bridesmaid suddenly require her to wear a wedding dress, too? The bride’s odd family tradition is meant to confuse evil spirits who seek to steal brides away on their special day. Chelsea might think it cute if she weren’t still nursing her wounded pride after her own disaster of an attempted wedding. But Jennifer’s been there for her as she put the pieces back…


Coin of the Realm

A by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Rosalind, a princess of Orsem, believes the kingdom values her less than a coin of the realm. Her father, the King, confirms her belief when he decides to marry her to a prince from a neighboring kingdom, despite the threats of assassination that pour in. Now, Rosalind must make a choice…Marry? Flee? Or stand and prove herself?  “[Rusch’s] short fiction is golden.” —John Mark Eberhart The Kansas City…


Witches Cauldron

A by Lori M Taylor

It was a bad time for the little girl to be wondering alone at night…The witches were brewing something special that night and all they needed was a couple drops of a little girl’s blood to complete their potion. Read this short story tonight to give yourself a nice fright.


An Unexpected Journey

A by Russ Crossley

Tales of alternate worlds where steam and alchemy mix during a race between empires, journey to a far off world on the other side of the galaxy where an ancient desperate struggle between good and evil is being fought. A story concerning a boy who has his own guardian angel. A story where you will discover a secret world hidden beneath our own where being odd is a virtue, and journey across the galaxy…


The Aging Gap Between Species

A by Anca Ioviţă

Aging is a puzzle to solve. This process is traditionally studied in a couple of biological models like fruit flies, worms and mice. What all these species have in common is their fast aging. This is excellent for lab budgets. It is a great short-term strategy. Who has time to study species that live for decades? But lifespan differences among species are magnitudes of order larger than…


Chronicles of the Varian Empire - The Spell

A by Barbara G.Tarn

Get on the wrong side of a powerful magic user and face the consequences.A spell sends him 100 years in the future. With no way back. Adapt or die.Living in the future - heaven or hell? With an embarrassingly adoring guide life can’t be easy.Welcome to Silvery Earth. Water beings, winged people, shape-shifting dragons and elf-like beings mingle with humans throughout the history of this world….