Ebook List

A few of the ebooks available to be bundled


A by Russ Crossley

It’s the end of the world, at least for now. When a planet killer asteroid strikes the Earth a small group of humans and animals will survive on space habitats, but who? Some will be saved, who would you save?


Fiction River Presents

A by Allyson Longueira, editor

Fiction River crosses the border (and sometimes the galaxy) in this latest volume of Fiction River Presents. From a look into the Canadian side of World War II to the streets of London’s East End to worlds altogether alien, Writers Without Borders offers up international perspectives from Fiction River authors living outside the US. Spanning genre lines from historical mystery to fantasy to science…


Thorn and Thimble

A by Brigid Collins

Raised on her father’s terrifyingly spellbinding fairy tales, Robin Weatherwax knows evil is a force of nature… Even so, on a quest for a relationship with her mother—a botany professor—Robin puts aside her fear of nature to travel in the Russian taiga. The only remaining obstacles are the grad students taking up her mother’s attention. But as the research team forays into the woods, a chilling voice…


Tommy Puke and the World's Grossest Grown-up

A by Robert Jeschonek

Who’s the grossest kid in the world? Tommy Puke, that’s who! He fights off bullies with his mighty loogies…conquers jerks with his powerful farts…and sticks up for his pet skunk by driving off wild dogs with his blistering bad breath. But what happens when Tommy meets Rhino Man, a barfing hero who’s grosser than he is? What happens when Rhino Man shows off stomach-churning fighting moves that even…


Tommy Puke and the Boy with the Golden Barf

A by Robert Jeschonek

Who’s the grossest kid in the world?  Tommy Puke, that’s who!  He fights off bullies with his mighty loogies…conquers jerks with his powerful farts…and sticks up for his pet skunk by driving off wild dogs with his blistering bad breath.  What happens when he takes his new friend, Josh, on an epic quest to find the fabled prince of vomit, who might just be Tommy’s brother?  Action, laughs, and more…


Quiet Phoenix 2: From Failure to Fulfilment

A by Prasenjeet Kumar

Now also available in Japanese and Portuguese Celebrating The Quiet Child: A Must Read For every Parent, Teacher, Mentor, Sports Coach…….. From Prasenjeet Kumar, the author of Quiet Phoenix, the Amazon #1 Bestseller in the Hot New Releases category, comes a sequel that no one who deals with introverted children should miss. The underlying theme of the book is that just as a Phoenix Bird is hardwired…


Soul Harvest

A by Linda Jordan

Trixie waits tables in a diner on the Idaho border. Her customers range from liberal hippies to more conservative than she can believe. With her sister in hospice care and Trixie about to gain custody of her niece and nephew, the local Born Agains infuriate her with their meanness. Then things change completely. Karma happens. A breathtakingly original first contact story.


First Blood

A by Michael Kingswood

Intelligence told the High Command that the Mar Tabban, arch enemies of the Citizens’ Army, had moved into the territory garrisoned by Larian’s Regiment. In response, the Regimental Commander sent the B company scouts, Larian’s unit, out to investigate. On his first operational assignment, Larian has to overcome inexperience and his own fear and uncertainty if he wants to survive and get the information…


The Other Waiter

A by Robert Jeschonek

Jean-Claude the waiter doesn’t like it when a new guy horns in on his territory.  Even when the new guy’s a private waiter working for the meanest mob boss in town, Mr. Donzatto. No way will Jean-Claude let some mob flunky steal his thunder.  He’ll stop at nothing to put the new guy in his place, from tripping him up to breaking him down with a series of violent “accidents.” But playing hardball with…


The Memory of You Lingers

A by Robert Jeschonek

Baird the convicted rapist knows no peace. Ten years of haunting by the digital ghost of his victim, Frieda, have left him a basket case…but freedom awaits. If he can just make it till tomorrow, his sentence will end, and the digital ghost will become vaporware. But Frieda has no intention of leaving quietly, and the going-away present she has in store for Baird could be far worse than the digital…


Turkey Day Revenge

A by David Sloma

A flock of dimension-traveling turkeys with their arsenal of weapons shake up “Turkey Day”. It’s Thanksgiving and they’re mad as hell, out for revenge! A short story.


How NOT To Rescue A Damsel In Distress

A by Michael Kingswood

Bandits stabbed Larian’s father and kidnapped his girl. Confident in his freshly-learned swordsmanship, Larian set out to track them down, avenge his father, and rescue his first damsel in distress.Things did not exactly go as planned.How NOT To Rescue A Damsel In Distress is a 2,600 word short story, and the first of Larian’s adventures.


The ALECS Quartet

A by Raymund Eich

Decades ago, a quartet of advocates—Darren, Purcell, Nesbitt, and Juliette—came to Elard to share their messages of spiritual and social uplift with the planet’s primitive, fractious natives. Under the scorching rays of Elard’s fiery sun, their friendship dissolved into illicit affairs and an unexplained disappearance.Darren returns to Elard for one final mission. In only thirty days, he must solve…


Drinking and Conjuring Don't Mix

A by Stefon Mears

Hold my ancient tome and watch this…Only Perry would bind a familiar spirit into a chalkboard. And only Perry would try to impress a friend by conjuring while drunk.That spirit runs loose in the city now. Perry and his friend, both wizards, must trap it before it unleashes havoc.Time runs short. Once it adapts to this world it will summon its kin…Drinking and Conjuring Don’t Mix, a lighthearted…


Skating in Time

A by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Mickey never imagined her life would turn out this way. But she learned the hard way that life holds many surprises. Seeking solace on the skating rink, she discovers that life’s changes hold hope for new beginnings—if only she knows where to look. “Rusch is a great storyteller.” —RT Book Reviews