March 12, 2018
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Ebook bargains spotlighted on 12-Mar-18

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The Bifurcated Man

A short story by Louisa Swann

Celia Briggs. Daughter, assistant,and apprentice to San Francisco’s most successful personage, the venerable Dr. Joseph Briggs, physician and warlock extraordinaire. Celia detests the new constable in town, but when an unusual corpse shows up on the autopsy table, she tries to set aside her dislike and help track down the killer, a task that would be much easier if she could actually work a little magic.

$1.99 retail price for this ebook

$2.99 for this ebook and 19 others in The Witches' Brew Bundle.

The Pericles Conspiracy

A novel by Michael Kingswood

Josephine Ishikawa’s last shift as Captain of the starliner Pericles changed the course of history, but no one knows about it. The powers that be took charge as soon as she got back to Earth, with only a select few permitted to learn about the beings she encountered during the run from Gliese, or the eggs they entrusted to her care.

Satisfied that the government would make good on her commitment to return the eggs home, Jo returned to her job of getting Pericles through a major maintenance overhaul and then back out to the stars. But when she learns that the authorities reneged and have begun experimenting on the eggs instead, she faces a difficult choice: keep the life and career she loves or embark on a quest to rescue the eggs and keep the promise she made to their dying parents, out in the depths of space. That quest could cost her more than she ever imagined as it plunges her into a shadow war against a planetary government that will stop at nothing to keep its secrets.

$5.99 retail price for this ebook

$2.99 for this ebook and 10 others in The Aliens, Battleships and Colonization Bundle.