March 7, 2018
Daily Spotlights

Ebook bargains spotlighted on 7-Mar-18

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Dead Hypocrites

A novel by Laura Ware

Detective David Hill questions his faith in God from time to time. But when a serial killer comes to Palmetto City, Hill’s faith is shaken to the core.

As Christians branded as “hypocrites” by the man known only as Truthbringer die, Hill struggles with hunting down the murderer while retaining his trust in God.

$7.99 retail price for this ebook

$2.99 for this ebook and 9 others in The Killing Spree Bundle.

Bad House Spirit

A short story by DeAnna Knippling

Carrie used to clean houses for a living. Mostly it was hard work but it was all right. But there was one house that was bad. Not the cleaning, although it was. But the house itself, from the creepy pictures to the barred and tinfoil-covered windows to the KEEP OUT signs all over the doors to the _thing _breathing down the back of Carrie’s neck…

$0.99 retail price for this ebook

$2.99 for this ebook and 19 others in The Fantasy in the City Bundle.