February 3, 2018
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Ebook bargains spotlighted on 3-Feb-18

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Full Circle

A short story by Kate MacLeod

Humans live throughout the solar system but the factories on Earth stopped producing. No new ships, no new stations. Find an old ship to salvage? Someone died there. Maybe many someones.

April knows this better than anyone. She cleanses haunted spaces, removes ghosts left behind by hull breaches, failure of a life support system, or even good old-fashioned cabin fever.

People rely on her for peace of mind, living in ships with such histories. She wants to help. She believes in family and in people lending a hand when called on.

But in ghosts? Not so much. When nothing saves you from the killing vacuum of space but the thickness of your hull, why make up other horrors. Or so April thinks, until she answers one last call for help.

$0.99 retail price for this ebook

$2.99 for this ebook and 7 others in The Space Race Bundle.

Red is for Blood

John Devin, PI Book 1

A novel by Michael Kowal

It’s Christmas. 1929. Los Angeles. John Devin, ex-Marine and current PI, sits at his bar stool nursing a whisky and cracked ribs. Then a buddy walks in. Out of the blue. Like fate brought him in. The buddy’s request: keep him alive until he sells a certain diamond. But that diamond leads Devin on a chase through LA that eventually leads to Chinatown and the leader of its underworld, a man with a hidden secret. Sometimes people are brought together for a reason. And sometimes that reason, is to die.

If you like your detectives hardboiled and with attitude, with a strong sense of right, and characters you want to spend time with, grab “Red Is For Blood.” Then join Devin as he solves his way through the amazing 1930s - the most dangerous, glittering, low-life time in Los Angeles’ crime filled history.

Red is for Blood was available as part of the The Gumshoes bundle.
Unfortunately this bundle is no longer available.

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Like At Loch Ness

A short story by Karen L. Abrahamson

A dangerous creature. A female scientist with something to prove.

If she lives that long.

Something dangerous lurks in Cambodia’s murky waters, destroying fishermen’s villages along the flooded shore. Jean Aubry, fledgling marine biologist, tries to solve the mystery, especially after she and her colleague find a lone, beautiful survivor of the most recent destruction. Can Jean solve the mystery before more people die? Can she do it and not worsen her already tarnished professional reputation?

$2.99 retail price for this ebook

$2.99 for this ebook and 19 others in The Beneath the Waves Bundle.