January 12, 2018
Daily Spotlights

Ebook bargains spotlighted on 12-Jan-18

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One of the Smarter Ones

Uncollected Anthology: Warlocks

A short story by Stephanie Writt

I can’t believe they fired me!

I mean I could have done without the pomp and circumstance of being bodily thrown from the department store. How was I to know that I was a raging lunatic? No one had told me that until that day. I mean, according to Pierre Marie Jerk-nad, I was a true wad of bonkers. Lost to the realms of the drooling and eating my own crap.

Well, I can attest to right now that I have never eaten my own crap.

And whatever I’d done to make him think I was a raging lunatic I was going to try to avoid today, because today I started my new job.

And I forgot to put on underwear.

$0.99 retail price for this ebook

$4.99 for this ebook and 8 others in The Warlocks: A Collected Uncollected Anthology Bundle.

Bamboo and Pine

A short story by Leah Cutter

Li Hua searches for a treasure. Her hunt leads her to a rundown inn, nestled off the main trade route. She prepares as well as she can, with hidden knives, ropes, and power.

Still, sometimes the unexpected happens.

A charming tale set in an ancient China that never was.

$0.99 retail price for this ebook

$7.99 for this ebook and 9 others in The Sins of The Fathers Bundle.