September 9, 2017
Daily Spotlights

Ebook bargains spotlighted on 9-Sep-17

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Escape (The Peena Colada Song)

A short story by Mark Leslie

The loss of a child is particularly difficult during the holiday season. But Kyle Hendrickson, in the midst of his overwhelming grief, finds something small to cling to: his daughter’s favorite little stuffed unicorn, Peena.

Could the memories of his precious child and her beloved inanimate friend be enough for Kyle to properly plan his escape back to the magical love shared between a father and daughter?

$0.99 retail price for this ebook

$4.99 for this ebook and 19 others in The Very Merry Christmas Bundle.

The Face of Trouble

A short story by Stefon Mears

A new face. A new body. A new time. But before the traveler can learn his mission in this time and place, an assassin shoots at him.
Only a crucial mission would draw an opposition agent.
He’ll change the future. If he survives.
The Face of Trouble, a time travel short story from Stefon Mears, author of Stealing from Pirates and Fade to Gold.

$2.99 retail price for this ebook

$3.99 for this ebook and 14 others in The Thrilling Wonder Adventure Stories Bundle.