September 8, 2017
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Beyond Control, Interlude, Beyond Reach

Book 1 Bundle of the Beyond Saga

A short novel by Rebecca M. Senese

A genetically engineered Assassin, working for the Gemini Corporation, Nadia prepares for her latest job: the “accidental” death of a rival company’s doctor. But as she races to complete her mission, Nadia finds herself questioning her orders… and her life.

Corporate magnet Reginald Breckworth hires master Tracker Devon Fisher for a routine job: find his missing daughter, Chandra. But Devon learns no one knows the real Chandra. Least of all her father. How can Devon find a mystery girl who doesn’t want to be found?

Stranded on a space station, renegade Assassin Nadia hides from Devon, the Tracker following her. Killing him would be easy. Tempting. Overwhelming. Desperate to resist her nature as Devon closes in, Nadia finds it harder and harder to fight the overpowering urge to kill.

Beyond Control, Interlude, Beyond Reach was available as part of the The Sci-fi July Fever Fun bundle.
Unfortunately this bundle is no longer available.

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Water Horses

A novelette by Lisa Silverthorne

Returning to her childhood home on San Juan Island…tough. Mastering the ancient magic awakening inside her…worse. Surviving senior year of high school as the new girl…impossible!

$1.99 retail price for this ebook

$2.99 for this ebook and 19 others in The Beneath the Waves Bundle.