August 19, 2017
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A novel by Sabrina Chase

The Empire is vast, ancient, cultured, powerful—and in deadly peril, from enemies without and within. The luxury-loving court ignores all signs of danger, consumed by corruption and treachery.

Exiled to a deserted border outpost, swordnoble Ronne tes Arhi is powerless to intervene. While her food supplies dwindle, she waits for the end — until she finds a dying barbarian warrior, outcast from his people. Thinking it will never be discovered, Ronne gives him shelter. But then the man’s mortal injuries miraculously heal….

With the aid of the barbarian, Erith, Ronne discovers the Empire was betrayed — and its enemies have awoken a malevolent magic long absent from the world. Ronne, Erith, and the few remaining loyal soldiers of the Empire will need all their battle-tested skills — and trust in their own new-found magic — to fight the evil and keep their people free.

$3.99 retail price for this ebook

$9.99 for this ebook and 11 others in The First Glimpse of Fantasy Secondary Worlds Bundle.


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