October 17, 2017
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The Crystal Courtesan

A novel by Karen L. Abrahamson

Seven years ago, a night of flames destroyed everything Ressana loved in the city of Noralla. Now she hides as a village healer far from those who might recognize her true nature. But the night of three moons brings Norallan guardsmen seeking those of her kind. Captured by Prince Dak, the only man she ever loved, Ressana will learn that the fate of all Noralla lies in her hands—the crystal-bound hands of the last crystal courtesan.

Karen L. Abrahamson once again creates a vivid world of magic and danger where old evil abides in the bodies of the dead and living Gods ride the three moons.

$2.99 retail price for this ebook

$5.99 for this ebook and 10 others in The More than Human Bundle.


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