December 12, 2017
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Feyland: The Dark Realm

A novel by Anthea Sharp

~ USA Today Bestselling Urban Fantasy ~ What if a high-tech computer game was a gateway to the dangerous Realm of Faerie?

Feyland is the most immersive computer game ever designed, and Jennet Carter is the first to play the prototype. But she doesn’t suspect the virtual world is close enough to touch - or that she’ll be battling for her life against the Dark Queen of the faeries.

Tam Linn is the perfect hero, in-game. Too bad the rest of his life is seriously flawed. The last thing he needs is rich-girl Jennet prying into his secrets, insisting he’s the only one who can help her.

Together, Jennet and Tam enter the Dark Realm of Feyland, only to discover that the entire human world is in danger. Pushed to the limit of their abilities, they must defeat the Dark Queen… before it’s too late.

$2.99 retail price for this ebook

$4.99 for this ebook and 9 others in The Darkness and Destiny Bundle.

Ten Cups Deep

A short story by Vincent Justin Mitra

In the fantasy genre, dwarves of one story are often indistinguishable from the dwarves of another. In stories like these, dwarves tend to be known for the same two or three traits across the board, almost as universal truths, without much reason why. 

Ten Cups Deep explores that, and how one of those universal traits might relate to- or interact with another. 

$0.99 retail price for this ebook

$5.99 for this ebook and 8 others in The Dwarves of the World Bundle.


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December 9th The Foundations by DeAnna Knippling, Forever Starts Today by Anne Lange

December 8th Fit to Print by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, No Kind'a Time by Harvey Stanbrough

December 7th To Be a Monster by Jamie Ferguson, Twice Against the Dragon by Stefon Mears, Angry Sean by Eric Kent Edstrom

December 6th Dashing Through the Flames by Louisa Swann, Curse of the Second Date by J.A. Marlow

December 5th Beautiful by Barbara G.Tarn

December 4th How Smoke Delivered A Christmas Present by DeAnna Knippling

December 3rd The Mage's Grave by Timothy L. Cerepaka, One Day At A Time by Rita Schulz, Dolphin Knight by Robert Jeschonek

December 2nd Christmas Break by Karen L. McKee