Swords, Superheroes, and Space Opera

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  • Swords, Superheroes, and Space Opera
  • The Swords, Superheroes, and Space Opera Bundle

    A wide range of genre fiction for just a few bucks.

About this Bundle

The quest to become a hero is harder than you think. And it'll take more than tall tales and a sword to get there.

A whole universe of spandex-sporting superheroes, from rookies making their mark to the villains you love to hate.

World-shattering adventure from beyond the brightest stars and blackest void.

Welcome to the many worlds of author J. D. Brink. 2017 was a banner year for this up-and-coming master of genre fiction, and now you can grab "everything Brink" from this year, plus a few extras reintroduced for your reading pleasure.

If you love all things fantastic with a dash of grit and a surprisingly sharp edge, this bundle's exactly what you've been looking for. Sword swinging heroes.  Spandex and capes. Hyperdrives and alien horrors.

Everything you need and enough to keep you turning pages well into 2018.