Sci-fi July Fever Fun

About this Bundle

Hop on this starship, destination universe. During this epic journey you will:

- be introduced to a galaxy-spanning series by a bestselling author,

- laugh out loud at a thrilling, adventure-laden, grease-stained, booze-soaked comedy spanning the galaxy of tomorrow,

- follow a genetically engineered Assassin and a master Tracker who will take you beyond,

- read an exciting new hard SF novel that begins the adventures of a whole new type of hero,

- discover the award-winning book 1 of a SF romance series with a kick-ass heroine,

- enjoy a fast-paced and witty SF mystery of interstellar intrigue,

- meet the new universe, same as the old universe—but thirteen billion years younger,

- laugh again at a humorous SF adventure that introduces you to a hilarious new series,

- hear the signal that threatens Earth,

- follow telepathic alien humanoids throughout the Milky Way,

- experience the voyage of star cruiser Exogenesis as it pioneers humanity's journey to greatness among the stars.

Buckle up and prepare to explore planets and galaxies in the near and far future. Get wrapped in this fun fever!


Sorry, this bundle is no longer available for purchase.