About this Bundle

B-Movies are a guilty pleasure for scifi and horror movie fans. Whether it's cheesy monster hybrids, natural disaster apocalypses, or low-budget horror screamfests, we just can't help watching them, heckling them, and throwing popcorn at them, whether we're at the drive-in or snuggled up in the family room after everyone else has gone to bed.  They make us laugh, scream, hide under the covers, and snort soda out of our noses, but most of all they make us wonder "Who comes up with this stuff?"

Believe it or not, though, not every B-movie premise suitable for basic cable or straight-to-video actually gets made into a movie. What happens to the rest? Well, they're either hidden in desk drawers or published as stories, novellas, and novels, like the Schlock Zone Drive-In Novella series. This bundle gathers some of Schlock Zone's finest tales, plus a bloody smattering of other scifi and horror tales in the same spurting vein. You can check out a whole sampler of authors, styles, and settings. Best of all, you can read them in the pitch dark on the glowing screen of your handy e-reader, tablet, or smartphone.

Monsters! Mayhem! Mad scientists! Clueless victims! Grab your B-Movie bundle today and read it tonight ... if you dare!