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    Let this LGBT romance bundle draw you into worlds other than our own!

About this Bundle

Let this LGBT romance bundle draw you into worlds other than our own!

Allow your mind to sink into these tales of mystery, love, and imagination! Each one of these seven great books features LGBT characters who strives hard to find his – or her – or their – Happily Ever After. Forces beyond our ken conspire, planetary crusts tremble, and the Old Gods rumble. Still, our talented (or Talented) heroes quest through their fantastic worlds where danger awaits, but love often conquers all.

- Stride with a witch in his contemporary London on the Northern Path toward justice

- Swim with a water-whisperer in Pittsburgh, who fears to love a man who makes his earth move

- Gasp as she challenges a precog with snark and wit while solving a murder in Minneapolis

-  Laugh as zombies reveal why you don’t need to fear them - they don’t love you for your brains

-  Travel with space-faring angels as they mix it up with cyborgs, shape-shifters, telepaths and lost earthlings

-  Be amazed by the best-selling Victorian scholar, a private detective, and a book of spells that could destroy the world

- discover an adorable otter-shifter who skateboards the Colorado snow, and can’t be trusted with Cheerios

Pay a minimum of $7.99 USD and receive all 7 e-books.

Pay a minimum of $7.99 USD and receive all 7 ebooks. This option is also available at Kobo, Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble.

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