Funny Bone

About this Bundle

Ever have one of those days when you just need to read something that makes you smile? Or even better, something that makes you laugh?

Welcome to the Funny Bone Bundle!

These ten hand-picked humorous titles will put a smile on your face and keep you chuckling, whether you're looking for a short story collection to read in short bursts or a novel you can settle in with. The diverse range of authors in this bundle want to brighten your day on the beach, your work commute, or your evening downtime.

Whether you're looking for mystery, romance, fantasy, science fiction, or something else entirely, there's something in this bundle to tickle your funny bone.

And since they say laughter is the best medicine--but we know it can't always take the place of actual medicine--you can choose to donate a portion of your purchase price to Doctors Without Borders.

What's in the bundle:

The Murder Prophet by Sherry D. Ramsey: Kit Stablefield is a detective with a secret and a crush on a guy she knows only online, in a future where magic is a part of everyday life. But when millionaire Aleshu Coro walks into the offices of Darcko and Sadatake with a message from the Murder Prophet and fourteen days to live, everything changes.

Coyote Cowgirl by Kim Antieau: Jeanne Les Flambeaux is the underachiever in her very accomplished restaurateur family. No one ever expected her to amount anything, so she hasn’t. When her lover, Johnny, steals the family jewels, Jeanne must find him and the jewels before her family discovers their loss.

The Bureau of Substandards Annual Report by Sabrina Chase: Hidden behind protective layers of government red tape, the Bureau of Substandards fights the good fight against interdimensional snake people, “helpful” allies, busybodies from Atlantis, the annual budget report, and, most dangerous of all…the HR department.

Unassisted Living by Michael Jasper: Thirty-six-year-old JB lives to inspire the old folks at Whispering Pines Rest Home. He listens to their stories, encourages them to get some fresh air, and makes sure they aren’t just sitting around waiting for the end to come. But he’s not a doctor, not a therapist. He’s a resident of Whispering Pines, too.

Whackadoodle Times by Kim Antieau: Brooke McMurphy’s well-constructed dysfunctional life in Hollywood begins to unravel when a homeless woman comes to live with her and her family and the studio asks her to sex up her husband’s script for Zombie Town—the movie he believes will save the world.

Frock Coat Dreams by J. Daniel Sawyer: The author of The Antithesis Progression and The Clarke Lantham Mysteries brings you delicate, humorous, and brutal visions of a future that never was and a past that might have been. Here you will find collected tales of satire, romance, whimsy, and comic horror to delight every sensibility.

Once Upon a Pet Show by J.A. Marlow: Does love stand a chance among alien pets and intrigues? Vallory Schist does not care about winning a prize at Redpoint One’s annual Exotic Pet show. She must quickly find her rare Etrucian Daubpups a new habitat, and an attraction to Damien cannot get in the way.

Zombie Ever After by Carl S. Plumer: Zombie Ever After is a one-of-a-kind zombie romance for teens and adults, filled with moments of dark comedy. If you’ve ever wondered what happens when a couple’s relationship is stressed by one of them turning into an occasional zombie, then this is the book for you.

Murder, Ken Kesey, and Me by Diana Deverell: An indie company comes to Oregon to film Acid Test: The Life of Ken Kesey. Eugene location scout Estrella “Star” Stevens stumbles over a dead body and into the crushing embrace of the FBI. She’s forced to join their risky investigation of gangland boss and titty bar owner Oscar Quarry.

Terrastina and Mazolli by Mario Milosevic: Follow the everyday adventures of coffee shop owners Terrastina and Mazolli and their precocious twin daughters. Laugh and cry alongside them as they manage their business and cope with the eccentric members of their small town community. A sweet story filled with love, humor, and penguins.


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