Enchanted Keepsakes

About this Bundle

Sometimes a little magic is needed to help love bloom... Enchanted Keepsakes is the safe keeper of valuables, and Korinna the source of its powers. Six stories of romance, each heart touched by one mystical store. Follow these couples as they stumble upon a journey that will forever change their lives.

Genres: Contemporary, historical, fantasy and paranormal romances

Stolen Hearts, Kishan Paul

He ripped her life apart. She's dreamed of doing the same to him ever since. 

When Charlotte finds herself stranded in a dusty little antique shop with the man who destroyed her family, she finally has the chance for retribution. But it's not only anger that boils in her veins.

The death of his best friend still haunts Lucas. Believing he doesn't deserve happiness, he is content with his self-imposed solitude. When a winter storm brings a feisty, curly-haired reminder from the past, she re-ignites a desire in him that not even the weather can cool.

Sparks explode, exposing fragile hearts and dark secrets that will either heal old wounds or destroy them both.

Highlander’s Portrait, C.A. Szarek – USA Today Bestseller

 Historical romance author Ashlyn George is an uninspired author. Writer’s block plagues her imagination, so her agent encourages her to go on a trip to Scotland that’s geared toward writers. She’ll try just about anything to put words on the page, since her latest manuscript is overdue.

She collides with a blue-eyed hottie that looks just like an old portrait she bought in an antique shop in Inverness.

As laird of his clan, Eoin MacLeod has been charged with protecting the famed Faerie Flag. When it changes hands, he has to ensure it’s safe—no matter when that may be. Using the Faery Stones, and his Fae blood, he time travels from the eighteenth century. He’s done it again and again, but this time he wants to bring the Flag back with him.
He didn’t count on a bonnie lass from the twenty-first century to argue, and claim it for herself. Her passion brings out desires in Eoin that make him want to put aside his duty and stake a claim of his own…on her.


Saving Grace, Aubrey Wynne

 A tortured soul meets a shattered heart...

Chloe Hicks' life consisted of an egocentric ex-husband, a pile of bills, and an equine business in foreclosure until a fire destroys the stable and her beloved ranch horse. After the marshal suspects arson, she escapes the accusing eyes of her hometown but not the memories and melancholy. 

Jackson Hahn, Virginia Beach's local historian, is struck by Chloe’s haunting beauty and the raw pain in her eyes. He distracts Chloe with a 17th-century legend of a woman wrongly accused of witchcraft. It might explain the odd events happening on the property. She is drawn to the story and the similarities of events that plagued both their lives. Perhaps the past can help heal the present. But danger lurks in the shadows...

 Forever Starts Today, Anne Lange

Love doesn’t last, not even in Forever.

Disappointed time and again, Sadie gives no credence to the myth she’ll one day find true love. Her hometown offers little opportunity, excitement, or anonymity, but guilt and resentment keep her Forever bound.

Craving distance from home and his father’s business, Asher hopes the quaint town of Forever will spark his muse and give him clarity. He’s not looking for love, but an odd gift provides a glimpse into a future where his destiny becomes clearer every day. 

Passion Awakened, Valerie Twombly

 She’s fated to break his curse. He’s destined to kill her.

With his clan trapped and starving, vampire Andrei Vladimir will stop at nothing to save them. But an ancient curse compels him to waste precious time hunting the vile creatures he creates every time he feeds. 

Sonia Covaci doesn’t believe her grandmother’s visions of the future. But when a purchased trinket brings dreams of a mysterious stranger, her small town American life threatens to spin out of control. 

Sonia follows her fate. Andrei moves in for the sacrifice. Never did he imagine the female destined to break the curse would become the woman he couldn’t afford to lose. 

Maybe Tomorrow, Lynne Connolly

 Two hearts beat as one - two hundred years apart!

Tabitha Simpson finds a tiny shop, where she buys a miniature portrait. When she finds the full-size painting, magic happens, and she is transported back in time to 1816.

Avery is the Earl of Northcote. He will defy everybody and everything to have Tabby.
But some things can’t be defied.

Tabby and Avery are madly in love, but they can’t stay together. Their lives are two hundred years apart.
When Tabby goes home, she knows she can’t return. Avery must spend the rest of his life without her, or find a way to join the woman he loves.