Bump in the Night

About this Bundle

It's that time of year again, when the days grow shorter, and the nights grow darker. Join these nine authors as they bring you tales of magic, horror, and humor guaranteed to keep you up past your bedtime. With everything from dark fantasy to ridiculous comedic horror, this bundle is guaranteed to include something for everyone!

Just ignore that scratching on the window, I'm sure it's nothing more than a branch in the breeze. Or is it?

In this bundle - 

Pockets of Darkness - USA Today Bestseller Jean Rabe

Scattered, Smothered, & Chunked -  John G. Hartness

Stoned in Charm City - Kelly A. Harmon

Rescue from Planet Pleasure - Mario Acevedo

Trifles & Folly - Gail Z. Martin

Fright Court - USA Today Bestseller Mindy Klasky

Heaven Painted as a Poker Chip - USA Today Bestseller Dean Wesley Smith

Chemical Burn - Quincy J. Allen

Southern Bound - Stuart Jaffe